River Fishing

Learning to read current and using it to locate fish is critical to your success.  Here's how to fish rivers and streams for bass!

Shattering the River Smallmouth Stigma

For many anglers, river fishing is the bain of their bass fishing game. Never fear, VanDam and Zona teamed up to share their river fishing logic and help you put the odds in your favor.

Shallow River Smallmouth

Enjoyable days can be had in shallow rivers and streams. These bodies of water can produce great fishing if you take the right measures. Here's how.

Current Events

River bass are controlled by their surroundings, which are always in motion. Here’s how to catch them and not be washed downstream.

Tactics For Summer River Smallies

Few things top a float down a meandering river on a hot summer day with your toes dangling in the water, especially if there's feisty smallmouths tugging on the end of your line.

Catching Smallmouth In Streams

Find a stream near you to experience a fun and inexpensive way to catch smallmouth bass this year. Here's how.

Proven Tidal River Techniques

Unlock the secrets for fishing tidal-influenced rivers to catch more bass in this article.

Tidal Bass Fishing: Do I Stay or Go?

After dealing with the typical bass fishing decisions, tidal water anglers are left with one more. Should they run the tide, hoping for perfect timing at a series of spots, or do they park on one, waiting for bites when the tide finally “gets right”? Two tidal water experts share how they make that decision.

Catch More Smallmouth by Wading

Many small rivers and creeks are untapped smallmouth fisheries. Wading is often the best way to access them, and it’s easier and less gear intensive than you may think. Here’s how to get started.

Catching Late Summer/Early Fall River Smallmouth

Late summer/early fall is a time of transition for smallmouth, and the rivers are low. Here's how to catch those monster smallmouth!

Look Below Dams for Big Bass

Tailwater — the section of river or reservoir that’s influenced by an upstream dam’s outflow — are bass fishing hot spots. Tap their potential by minding bass location, lure selection and your safety.

River Bass

When you fully understand a river, and how it works, it holds the key to all other bass fishing.

True Confessions of a River Rat

River fishing can be tough to learn. Here's how to catch huge bass on your local river or stream!

River Bass Fishing

Some great tips to help you catch bass in rivers. We break down location, lure type, color selection and tidal charts.