The Dropshot Rig

The dropshot rig is a big-time producer throughout the entire year! Here's how to maximize your results!

Drop Shotting For Cruising Bass

When top touring pros see bass cruising in the shallows they rely on a finesse technique normally used for catching deep bass.

Deep Dropping for Fall Smallmouth Bass

Even in the most northern climes the bass season lasts a lot longer than most people think. It's time to catch some lunkers.

Drop-Shot Tactics and Tips

Here are some of the best dropshot tips garnered from top pros over the past twenty-five years or so.

Refining Drop-Shotting

Drop shotting has become the go-to technique for smallmouth bass fishing. Here are advanced techniques that will catch more bass!

Drop Shotting with Jordan Lee

Classic champion Jordan Lee reveals his best dropshot techniques for catching huge bass!

Fishing the Free Rig

Learn about the Free Rig - the new technique that's sweeping the nation because it works!

Rigs For All Reasons

Learn these four rigs, and you should have an excellent arsenal on every trip to any lake anywhere in the U.S.

Drop Shot Hooks Angler

Let the fish tell you what they want and become a better angler with the drop shot rig.

Drop Shot Fishing

Drop shot fishing: The hottest rigging technique for catching big bass year round. Learn about dropshot fishing here!

Dropshotting in Shallow Water

Think drop shotting is just for deep, clear water lakes? Think again! You could catch big bass!

Advanced Dropshotting

Here are 20 questions you were afraid to ask about dropshotting, but just have to know! Learn more now.

The Drop on Dropshotting

Here's detailed information on how tournament pros use the rig to score victories in major pro-am events.

Feeding Finicky Bass

Here's step-by-step instructions on tying the dropshot rig, along with a few useful tips too! Learn the drop shot rig here!

Always Lucky

Dropshotting does too many things right. Find out inside why the people who use it are "Always Lucky".

The Dropshot Rig

Here's illustrated instructions on how to rig the dropshot rig.

Deep Water Dropshotting

Want to catch more bass? Here's some tips to help you immediately on your next deep-water bass trip.

The Finesse Worm and Drop-Shotting

Learn to use the drop-shot technique to fill the livewell with limit after limit of fish. Here's how!

Drop Shots: #1 for Numbers of Bass

Drop shots excel at quickly filling tournament limits with quality keeper bass. Here's how to use them from summer through fall.