Tournament Tips

Want to do well at your next tournament? We reveal hidden tournament secrets that will push you past the competition! An excellent resource for every tournament angler.

Defending the Classic Crown

See how Randy Howell scouts Lake Hartwell in preparation for the Feb. 20-22 Bassmaster Classic

Counting the Cost of Going Pro

Here's how to get a company to start loading you up with free baits or sending you a check every month.

Hard Learned Lessons Of The Pros

Top bass pros recall some of the hard learned lessons that cost them in tournaments.

Tournament Preparation Tips

With these tips you should be able to put together a solid game plan for any tournament.

In the Beginning – Mother and Son

Learn how Aaron Martens got into tournament fishing....from his MOM!

Tournament Head Trips and Mind Games

These are things that can help you avoid making one of the biggest mistakes in bass fishing. We reveal what they are inside.

Keeping Summer Bass Alive

Summer time coincides with some of the hottest bass fishing of the year literally and figuratively. Be sure to take extra steps to insure that the bass you catch live to fight another day.

Is Fishing In Your DNA?

Perhaps you would love to be a professional angler someday? Is it in your DNA? A pro angler's mother reveals the signs.

Pride Goes Before A Fall . . . But There’s Hope!

The evolution of pro anglers, from rookie to seasoned pro.

Fishing with Aaron Martens…Mr. Perfect

What does Aaron Martens do differently from other anglers? I watched andI learned things I can’t wait to change or do myself, and maybe I can inspire you as well.

Bass Fishing Tournaments: The Key To Winning

Professional speaker Brandon Gray teaches you how to overcome tough fishing conditions during tournaments, and turn them into wins using a process called Circumstance, Choice and Response. This might be the best next 6 minutes you spend today.

What Are You Going To Change This Year?

No matter how last year's tournament season was for you, there are always things you can change. Here's how!

Dealing with Big Changes

If it’s tournament day and all your fish that you found during pre-fish are gone, odds are, you can find them again if you just do this.

Technology and Fishing

What type of electronics are available today, and do they help you catch fish? Find out inside!

Tournaments for Teens and Kids

If you love bass fishing, and want to help grow and promote our sport, there’s no better way than helping and teaching youngsters who are eager to get started. Here's how.

Lady Angler Carol Martens Still Fishing Around

After 30 years of fishing tournaments, this senior and grandmother is still going strong. This is how she does it.

Great Times Ahead for All

It appears our sport has grown to a whole new level of fun and entertainment with no limits in sight! It’s going to be a great year for all of us.

Handling Tough Tournament Conditions

When tournament conditions are tough, top pros rely on two techniques. We explain what they are inside.

My Panic Box

Classic champion Mike Iaconelli reveals the baits that will definitely help you put some fish in the boat!

How To Establish A Pattern

Discover what establishing a pattern means, and how making (sometimes subtle) changes to your presentation can lead to success!

Establishing A Pattern

Often mentioned, but rarely explained, establishing a pattern is a goal of every serious bass angler.

How To Be In The Top 10

Although the move to catching more fish on a regular basis requires some work, it is a much shorter trip than most anglers would guess.

10 Steps To A Better Tournament Angler

Follow this sage advice from the pros and better tournament results are just around the corner.

Setting Tournament Goals

You must set goals before each season begins. Bill Wilcox outlines some valuable tips inside that could mean taking home a check.

Reaching Your Goals

So you know what you want to accomplish this tournament season, but are you going to achieve it?

Analyze This

Emotions can ruin a tournament. Here are some tips to keep you level-headed and focused on fishing during a tournament.

Attitude Adjustment

In your next tournament forget about finding secret lures, secret spots or getting lucky. Here's the most important thing.

Developing and Retaining Fishing Confidence

Confidence in bass fishing can take years to build but only one day to break it down. Here's how to keep that from happening.

Bass Tournament Shortcuts

Do you want to do better in your next tournament? Discover how to improve your performance in this eye-opening article.

Stay Focused!

Staying focused may mean the difference between the winner's circle and a long drive home.

Ten Tournament Tips

What does it take to have a successful tournament? It's more than fishing techniques or strategies. Find out inside.

Open Minded

Most bass fishermen get locked into certain beliefs concerning bass fishing. Buck the trend and catch more bass.

Tournament Etiquette

You're at your tournament. Somebody is sitting right on your spot. What do you do? We tell you inside!

Tournament Etiquette for Rookies

New to tournament fishing? We offer the following tips for newcomers to bass club tournaments.

Is It Still A Fair Game?

What is ethical? A look at the sides of the many-faceted premise of tournament etiquette and fairness.

Polygraph Controversy: To Test Or Not

There's hotly debated commentaries on the act of using polygraph examinations for fishing tournaments.

Tournament Strategy: Decisions, Decisions

Making the right on-the-water decisions may quickly spell the difference between winning and losing.

Adapting On the Water

Most successful tournament anglers have to be versatile. They must be able to adjust to the bass throughout the day.

Tournament Strategy

We reveal how successful tournament fishing can best be achieved by putting together a winning game-plan.

Run & Gun vs. Stay & Play

Personal style and environmental circumstances are determining factors in a pro angler's decision on where and how to fish.

Weekday vs. Weekend Bass

Don't get stuck on weekday fishing patterns when the weekend rolls around. You'll probably need to...

What's Not Hot Anymore?

What lures that once had a prominent place on the pro trail have faded to near obscurity? We reveal them inside!

Fishing Tournaments on Home Waters

Here's how to prevent getting skunked on your home waters. It's easier than you think!

A Conversation with Michael Murphy

Learn tournament strategy - from prefishing to final day - from pro Michael Murphy in this informative and frank article.

First Year On Tour with Andrew Upshaw

How Determination, Failure, and Successes have changed him

Be Versatile

If you want to become a better tournament angler, you need to fish all types of water conditions and locations.

Prefishing Tournaments

Some anglers fade away on the first day while others move up in the standings each day. The difference is their prefish strategy.

Time Management For Prefishing

Managing time on the water is critical during a tournament. Here's how to maximize it.

Tournament Pre-Fishing and the Bassmaster Classic

Learn from a contender at the top of his game how he prepares and scouts for the championship tournament.

Tournament Preparation

Classic champion Mike Iaconelli reveals his secret pre-tournament rituals for successful tournaments. A exclusive!

Pre-Tournament Practice

Efficiency is the key to successful pre-tournament practice. Here's how to maximize your prefishing time.

Proper Catch & Release

Most tournaments require live release, so once you've paid your entry fee, do your part to make catch-and-release real.

Extreme Bass Fishing

Doing whatever it takes to try to win will make you a more successful tournament angler. Here's how!

Still On Top

With all the new tactics, new lures, and new technologies you'd think all the young guns of the sport have it made, right? Wrong!

Fishing Tournament Hot Streaks

Catching a hot streak mainly stems from hard work, experience and the courage to take when you're in position to win.

The Three C's Of Bass Fishing

To rule out the luck factor of fishing and improve your results, follow the three C's of bass fishing.

The Success Formula

What is the key to a successful day on the water? How can you become more consistent? The answer is inside.

Factoring Out Luck

Want to do better at tournaments? Learn from 4-time Classic winner Rick Clunn how he consistently catches fish.

Tournament Lessons

These hard-learned lessons changed how I fish tournaments, but you can skip the pain and use them to improve your on-the-water performance.

Spinnerbait Sends Lee To Classic

I’m amazed at the difference the little things make. Add in a dash of confidence and you put yourself in the position to win.

Visualization: Seeing Is Believing!

Bass anglers have one of the most powerful tools available to them, but very few take advantage of it. Discover the secret inside.

You've Got To Be Willing To Lose, To Win

Want to win tournaments? We reveal what may be the only thing holding you back.

What Do They Have, That I Don't?

What separates the pros from the average angler? Do you have the hidden talents they exploit?

Co-Angler Clinic

Here is what every serious tournament angler needs to know in order to succeed in boater/co-angler format tournaments.

The Non-Boater's Guide to Tournaments

Are you just getting into tournament fishing, or are curious about it? Where do you begin? What should you expect?

From A Partnership To A Championship

Discover how individual tournament strategies and big picture planning decisions can turn into a championship season.

The Long Journey to Angler of The Year!

We'll go step by step and see what a team did, how they approached each lake, and how they caught their fish.

Making The Cut

Follow an angler through a grueling tournament - will he make the cut? See what happens next!

Final Flurry Eases Pain Of Second Place

That last 50 minutes of the tournament was special for me -- and my marshal, too! Here's what I mean.

Fishing Partners

We look at both the boat owner and non-boater to give you some guidelines for fishing etiquette and boating rules.

Getting Started in Tournaments

You've decided you want to fish tournaments. So, where do you start? What do you need to know? Read on!

Choosing Tournaments

Here's some tips in selecting a tournament trail that fits what you're looking for in fun and enjoyment, the best payback, or both.

Paddle Bassers

Kayak tournaments may have different rules than powerboat events, but the objectives are the same: fun and fish.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

Do you really have what it takes to become a professional tournament angler? Read on to find out.

So You Want To Be A Bass Pro?

With these ideas in mind, you should be well on your way to building a solid foundation for a bass fishing career.

Necessities In Tournament Fishing

What does it take to become a professional bass angler? Here's some insight directly from a pro.

From Federation To The Pros

Top bass pro Mike Iaconelli explains making the jump from the Federation ranks to the pro circuit. A Exclusive!

So You Want To Fish For A Living?

If you have your sights set on being a professional tournament competitor, here's some sound advice to set you on your way.

You Gotta Love It

Want to make it on the professional circuit? What do you need to do? Dean Rojas explains what it takes.

So You Want To Turn Pro?

Do you have what it takes to turn pro? Read about becoming a professional angler from a touring pro.

Chasing That Dream Career

Do you want to become a pro bass angler? Do you have what it takes? Read this article to find out!

Moving Up The Ladder

In order to move up to the professional tournament level of bass fishing, you must map out your strategy.

Bass Sponsorship 101

How do anglers get sponsors? Looking for a high-profile sponsor? It's relatively easy. Just start here.

Acquiring Sponsorships

If you want to be a pro angler, then you must have good sponsorships. We reveal how to find and build solid sponsor relationships.

Sponsor Relations: Be an Asset, Not a Liability

Here's a number of marketing differences that landed sponsorships for pro anglers, and the list includes...

Sponsorship Workshop

This article is designed solely for the purpose of helping individuals obtain and retain sponsorship agreements.

The Hard Truth About Sponsorship

If you want a company to sponsor you, then you need to ask yourself what you have to offer them. We explain inside.

Sponsorship: The Ins and Outs

Part 1 in a series that answers the question, How do I get sponsored and keep those sponsors?

Sponsorship: The Initial Contact

Part 2 in a series that answers the question, How do I get sponsored and keep those sponsors?

Sponsorship: Acceptance

Part 3 in a series that answers the question, How do I get sponsored and keep those sponsors?

The Allure Of Fishing

Competitive fishing has a magical pull that keeps tournament competitors coming back for more — no matter what the sacrifice.

The Fishing Industry and Sponsorship

Want to get sponsored? We reveal the secrets of looking outside of the fishing industry for cash sponsorship.

Sponsorship: It's Not About You

Determine if you can help sponsors achieve what they want, and you'll get the sponsorships you want!

Fishing Economics 101

So what are the factors that influence the life of a pro angler? You may be surprised! They're revealed inside.

Treat Fishing as a Business – Lessons from a CPA

If fishing is a business, make it just that. Here's how to be ready when the tax man cometh.

Fishing Resumes Versus Proposals

Simply stating that you'll proudly display their logo is considered ho-hum in the fishing industry. Here's how to get their attention!

Scout's Honor

Think you need a shiny rig to fish in tournaments? Read about the man who won $20,000 by fishing from a John Boat!

Mentors and Influences

Rarely do today's bass pros make it to the top by themselves. Here is a look at the mentors and influences of a few well-known pros.

Giving Fellow Pros A Peak At Your Playbook

With $100,000 at stake, do you think the pros help each other on game day? Find out the surprising answer inside!

Jays Ways

Jay Yelas reflects on winning Angler of the Year, and reveals his secrets to a championship season.

Third Time's A Charm

Mark Davis has won his third B.A.S.S. Angler of Year in Seven Seasons. Find out how he came back on top after his career nearly ended.

Adapt or Fail

How Three of the Very Best Elite Anglers Adapted to a Host of Changing Conditions at Bull Shoals

A Morning With Casey

See how Elite Pro Casey Ashley prepares on the morning of a tournament.

Take the Socks. Save the Back.

If Swindle does well this week, he’ll avoid a sixth back surgery, and he’ll make sure everybody is wearing socks as colorful as his personality.

Hackney Works Without a Net

If bass fishing had a Waylon Jennings, it might very well be Greg Hackney.

Biffle’s Win Was of Rats’ Nest and Sore Feet

The win came through the determination of a stiffened-up grizzled veteran to win whether away in Alabama, New York or right here at home.

Split Rings and Spider Monkeys

It's an odd combination, but it makes sense to Mike Iaconelli. Discover why inside.

Top BASS Contenders Under 30

A handful of young tournament anglers have been blowing the doors off the competition. Find out who they are inside.

Teen Idols Gone Fishin'

These teens and preteens would rather be casting a line than glued to the set catching the latest music video.

New Tournament Record

Dean Rojas broke the 100-pound mark for a record 108 pounds, 12 ounces for a five-bass limit catch in a four-day tournament.

B.A.S.S. Record Smashed

Byron Velvik demolished the three-day BASSMASTER record with 83 lbs 5 ozs at Clearlake California.

Records Were Made To Be Broken

Byron Velvik shattered the 3 day total weight record with 83-pound 5-ounces. The man and his tactics are examined in this article.

The Perfect Tournament

Some of us may never get to fish when the perfect conditions all come together. This is a story about the time that it did.

Bassmaster Classic Grand Lake Pictures Part 1

See pictures from Grand Lake, site of the Bassmaster Classic, like you've never seen before!

Bassmaster Classic Grand Lake Pictures Part 2

Here's some great shots in and around Grand Lake, site of the Bassmaster Classic!

Bassmaster Classic Grand Lake Pictures Part 3

Check out the sights in and around Grand Lake, site of the Bassmaster Classic!

Pictures From An Elite Series Event

See behind-the-scenes images from an Elite Series bass fishing tournament, held in Palatka, Florida

Pictures At A Tournament

Here's photos taken at an Elite Series bass fishing tournament - shots that you normally wouldn't see!

Shaw Grigsby Raw - Part 1

In this episode, Shaw explains how to find fish, his first boat, making it as a pro, and more!

Shaw Grigsby Raw - Part 2

In this episode, Shaw reveals his seasonal tactics, plus his favorite and least favorite lures!

Shaw Grigsby Raw - Part 3

In this episode, Shaw talks about his fishing heros, the early days of tournament fishing, and a lot more!

Shaw Grigsby Raw - Part 4

In this episode, Shaw speaks his mind about PETA - uncensored!

Shaw Grigsby Raw - Part 5

In this episode, Shaw shares his best moment on the water, and his funniest moment off the water!

Shaw Grigsby Raw - Part 6

In this episode, Shaw reveals his funniest moment on the water, advice for turning pro, and his background with snakes!

Shaw Grigsby Raw - Part 7

In this episode, Shaw explains boat control, eliminating water, confidence baits, and more!

Shaw Grigsby Raw - Part 8

In this episode, Shaw talks hunting, tournament etiquette, and his fishing tips!

Shaw Grigsby Raw - Part 9

In this episode, Shaw talks about his show and the Bassmaster Classic!