The Senko's Ugly Cousin

The Senko's Ugly Cousin The Kreature is the latest addition to the Yamamoto clan. Although it will not...


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Recently born into the Yamamoto family of gorgeous looking baits was a not so attractive cousin. It doesn't possess the sleek and slender body design of the Kut Tail worm. Nor does it have same choreographed wiggle that the Senko has. One thing this new family member does have is the pure, undeniable ability to catch really big bass.
   The Kreature is the latest addition to the Yamamoto clan. Although it will not win a beauty contest, it's likely to win more than its fair share of bass tournaments. The Kreature has inherited some great Yamamoto family traits, but it also brings in other features from deep within the gene pool. It is made of the same high grade, salt laden plastic that helps make Yamamoto baits so productive. The Kreature also possess an assortment of physical characteristics that make it an ideal big bass lure.
   At a mere four inches in length, the Kreature could be classified as a very compact bait. However, when you add the two long curly arms, two flappers and a multi-strand skirt, the Kreature becomes a water moving, hog-catching machine. The weight of this bait allows for great casting distance, even when rigged weightless. The specially formulated plastic permits the Kreature to descend very slowly into the homes of unsuspecting bass. It is without a doubt one of the most multi-functional baits in the family.
   The term "versatile" is used very loosely in the fishing industry when describing a vast array of lures. The Kreature is one bait that truly lives up to and deserves that title. It can be effectively fished Texas rigged (with or without a weight). Flippin' or pitchin' the Kreature around shoreline cover is an almost effortless way to put a limit in the boat. When the fish have moved out to deeper water, you can go after them with a Kreature on a Carolina rig. The extremely slow sinking action that it has will quickly cure finicky bass of even the most severe case of "lock jaw." If it is clear, highly pressured water that you are fishing, the Kreature on a drop shot rig is the ticket. Another highly effective technique that may have gone over looked is fishing the Kreature as a surface bait in and around lilly pads. Simply Texas rig the bait without a weight. Then cast back into the thickest jungle of pads you can find. Once the bait hits the water, allow it to sink a foot or two. If this does not trigger a strike, begin retrieving the Kreature in the same manner that you would a Scum Frog. Periodically allow the bait to sink around the edges of the pads. Numerous bags of these baits have already been eaten by lunker bass while fishing this pattern.
   I am sure you remember the old cliché about beauty being only skin-deep. Well tie on a Kreature and you will find a whole lot of love at the end of your line.
   Until next time, Fish Hard and Fish Often.

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