Big Bass Blues

Big Bass Blues Check out this terrific poem written by an inspired pond owner about catch and release.


Big Bass

Going out a lake, a pond or a river
Memories of my youth this trip always delivers.
Just a rod and reel, line, hooks and crankbait
Cast the line in the water and wait for my fate.
The reflection on water makes for easy daydreaming.
But reel in slow and steady so the spoon keeps on gleaming.
Cast by that old log, the big rock or those reeds
My instincts tell me that's where the old hawgs feed.
I feel gentle nudging and my line drawing tight.
Pulling back on my pole sets the hook with my might.
Resistance I feel from rod tip to my toes.
Then I see the fish jump as my heart's pounding grows.
He jumps and shakes side to side making quite a wild fight
I feel the drag go. I pray, "Please be set right."
He heads straight for a snag and tries to weaken the line.
I keep hope that my 6-pound test line works out fine.
I stop reeling, holding still to see yet if he's tiring
Always keep the line tight. Could be a ruse he is trying.
I reel in faster now as the drag is not squealing.
I can see the fish close, so keep on reeling.
I reach in the cool water. Place my thumb in its mouth.
I hold up a top freshwater prize. A largemouth!
I feel proud of myself. I completed the fight.
I look around to see if anyone witnessed this sight.
As I release to its home this wonderful fish
I leave with a good luck fisherman's wish.
I wish for frequent trips to fishing waters I choose
To never losing the big one, keeping away big bass blues.
-- The author has a 1-acre pond near San Marcos, TX.

Reprinted with permission from Pond Boss Magazine

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