Ike talks Bass and Turkey

Ike talks Bass and Turkey If you were hanging with Iaconelli on Turkey Day what could you expect? You might be surprised.
Mike Iaconelli

Mike Iaconelli

Q: You've fished a bunch, and had tremendous success, since the Bassmaster Elite Series season concluded, what spurred you to fish so much?
Ike: It's not typical for me to fish so many events after the season. I intended to only fish two FLW tournaments in upstate NY, but I did really well in those, I got on a roll, and I figured out that if I fished a couple more events I could qualify for the FLW Championship next summer.


Q: If you could pick one body of water to fish anywhere in the United States over Thanksgiving break, where would it be?
Ike: I'd pick Falcon Lake in Texas. It's by far the best big bass lake I've ever fished in my whole life. I'd throw all big lures like big worms, the big Tru Tungsten swimbait, the ¾ oz. Ike's Finesse Jig, and big crankbaits.


Q: If we were hanging with you on Turkey Day what could we expect?
Ike: Thanksgiving for me means spending time with my children and Becky, and eating a great meal. You could expect to see me try to eat everything on the table, but seriously, I also think it's a great day to simply reflect on everything I'm so fortunate to have in life.


Q: You love sports. What are Ike's Monday Morning Sports insights these days?
Ike: I love all Philly teams because I grew up a stone's throw from downtown Philly. I was in Nashville filming for City Limits when the Phillies won the World Series. We were in one of Nashville's many country music bars to watch the game. We were glued to a TV in the corner of the bar while the rest of the folks watched a country music band. When the last pitch was thrown, and the Phillies became world champions, we went nuts, and everybody in the place looked at us like we were aliens. It was priceless!


Q: You mentioned fishing winter 'jackpot' tournaments around Philly this winter - are you serious?
Ike: Heck yea! There might only be 5 or 10 boats, but there are two leagues around home that host tournaments. It keeps my fishing sharp, and lets me get back to my roots. I love getting to see the guys I grew up fishing against. I think the guys like having me out - probably because they take my money half the time.

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