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JT Bagwell


- JT

Birth Date

- March 13, 1976


- Rock Island, IL

Current City

- Geneseo, IL

Attended Western Illinois University


- Sons Lucas and Lance

Fishing Influences

- Arnold and Juanita King (Grandparents) – They used to take me fishing all of the time. My grandpa used to say “You know there are more than just Bass that swim in this lake” but that is all I ever wanted to fish for.

Years Fishing

- 30+

Biggest Strength (on the water)

- Pitching jigs and fishing Crankbaits

Biggest Weakness (on the water)

- Finesse Fishing

Fishing Accomplishments


  - Winner of the first Exelon's Fishing for a Cure (Charity Event)

  - 2 time ABA D46 Angler of the Year
  - 2 time ABA D46 Angler of the Year runner up
  - Several tournament wins
  - Several big bass awards
  - BFL regional qualifier
  - Multiple time ABA national championship qualifier

Off the Water Accomplishments

  - Pro Team member for several great companies
  - Numerous Articles Printed in National Fishing magazines

- Bagwell's Bass Tactics (fishing column) runs on multiple very high-traffic websites and is distributed on multiple newsletters.
  - Articles are used on websites in the United States, Russia, South Africa, Australia, the UK and several other countries.
  - Featured in numerous newspaper articles
  - In-studio guest for a regional talk radio show
  - In-store promotions for retail locations

Proudest Fishing Moment

- After winning the Exelon Fishing for a Cure charity tournament, donated 20% of earnings back to the charity.

Non-Fishing Activities

- Trains in Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the world famous Miletich Training Center – It is awesome being in the same gym where greats like Matt Hughes, Pat Miletich, Jeremy Horn and Jens Pulver used to train and where Tim Sylvia, Junior Hernandez, Drew McFedries, Rod Montoya and Robbie Lawlor still train.

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