Superstition Believe it or not, superstitions play a very important part of our bass fishing! What are yours?


Fishing superstitions

Does a black cat running in front of you while driving at night bother you? Do you believe walking under a ladder gives you bad luck? Whether or not you believe in these, superstition plays a very important part of our bass fishing!
   All bass anglers in one way or other do something relating to superstition. To give you an example: I knew a tournament angler that on one tournament morning he forgot to put on his lucky t-shirt under his tournament shirt. Big deal, right? Wrong, this fact did not affect the bass locations but most importantly it did affect his "confidence and concentration". In his mind he was sunk before the tournament even started because he forgot his lucky t-shirt, and without it, he felt he could not catch fish. Guess what, he didn't! This example may sound silly to some but the superstition rituals that we bass anglers do (sometimes without realizing it!) can and will affect the way we fish.
   It doesn't matter if it is a certain hat, clothing, rod or reel; if it is something you "Believe In" DO IT! You may be saying that won't affect me, until one day when you forget to do that "something", you will see what I mean.
   All of these superstitions directly affect your confidence and concentration when out on the water. Remember all of our efforts should be directed upon our fishing without any distractions. And if we forget to wear our favorite hat, in our minds that is a major distraction, because when we don't catch any fish, "it is because we forgot our favorite hat." There is truth to this! Like I said earlier, it doesn't affect the bass but will affect our ability to catch them.
   To have complete "confidence and concentration" we must do everything we can to eliminate all distractions before we get on the water, and if that means we have to do something like wear a certain hat on tournament, then that is what WE MUST DO!

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