Assalt Lures

Assalt Lures

A New Attack Bait


The West Coast seems to be one step ahead of the pack on lure inventions. Hand pours are huge out there and life-like baits like Castaic baits popped up overnight to become a staple in every pro's tacklebox.
   Fast forward to the here and now, where we have tested Assalt Lures in the field for just about two months. The evaluations were intense and very thorough. Here is Assalt Lures up close.
   Assalt has a nice line up of baits to choose from, including a Senko style SALT STIX and a needle-type bait called the Shaker Worm. These two baits were stacked up against the countless hours we have put into testing similar baits and the overall durability and color combinations are HOT! The Salt Stix have just the right combination of salt and plastic to give the bait density and awesome durability. We fished them wacky style and they outfished the major brand fish for fish on durability.
   Both the Salt Stix in 4" and 5" and the Shaker Worm proved they can catch fish after fish with one bait. Being big on price and durability for your money this bait has a hands-down advantage over Yamamoto baits. The only drawback is a lack of colors to choose from.
   The Shaker Worm is one of the most unique baits we have fished in a long time. With a fairly common worm head, this bait tapers into almost a chopstick type point. We used the bait Carolina rigging and using it as a jerk-type bait in the shallower water.
   The action and profile fooled many a bass and the strength allowed us to free the fish and fish again. With a variety of colors and sizes, this bait shows the fish something different. Ounce for ounce this bait is every bit as good as it looks.

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