Izorline There's a lot of lines out there. Ever tried Izorline monofilament? We did! Discover the test results inside.

Ever think sometimes your line could be better, or last longer and give you more time fishing with it? Being a tournament angler, every small detail comes into play - from the size of a worm hook to the longevity of a fishing line. Izorline is a monofilament line that is spun with a great thin diameter and tensile strength to match. bassdigest fished this line in conditions from 55 degree water temp, to over the ice and down a hole for fish. This is what we found with this line.
   We tested the tensile strength on 8-, 10-, 12-, and 15-pound test and saw no deviation from what it claimed, with a extremely thin diameter to boot. When fished in some crucial conditions the line held up to just about everything.
   The green monofilament also had very little memory in the line. Generally, I spray Blakemore on my lines to make the line spool out more freely. I found with the Izorline, it seems to have a texture that keeps it limp and allows free spooling from the first cast.
   We fished and fished with this line, and worked it over the ice and caught a few walleye and pike. The line was superb for a monofilament. Took abrasion well and had great knot strength. A few big pros use this line but as always they never tell you what they have. Upon review, this is a line professional anglers should have on their reels.

Izorline International, Inc
6725 Somerset Blvd.
Paramount, CA 90723
(562) 531-6000

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