Hank Parker reveals his bass fishing tips, tricks, and techniques for you!

A Hard Lesson Learned that Changed My Approach to Fishing Tournaments

Tournament fishing and fun fishing are two very different ball games. And to succeed in tournaments, you need to do this.

Bass Angling Heroes and Why We Need Them

In the world of bass fishing, heroes play a vital role as ambassadors to our sport. Here's why.

Dressing Right for Each Fishing Season

Being properly dressed will greatly add to your comfort. And being comfortable always lends itself to a more productive fishing day.

Matching Your Line to Every Bass Catching Technique

I truly believe that when a specific technique or lure is matched with the proper line, the ultimate and perfect combination can be attained.

The One Storage Tray I Never Leave Behind

Discover the single plastic box that will become an essential ingredient in taking your bass fishing to the next level.

Classic Decisions

Have you ever gone fishing only to realize afterward you made poor decisions that kept you from being more successful?

Get The Kids Involved

Get out there and make memories with your kids, grandkids and youth in your area. Here's how.

Crankbait Selection: Removing the Mystery

If an angler will keep these crankbait selection guidelines in mind, it will take some of the mystery out of the process.

The Versatile Carolina Rig

The advantages of the Carolina rig far outweigh the Texas rig when fished in water 20 feet or deeper. Here's how.

Baits That Trigger Reaction Bites

By preying on bass’s predatory and reactionary nature, you will catch more fish – even on days when they aren’t biting.

Importance of Lure Speed

You may be able to trigger bigger fish to bite if you make subtle adjustments in your presentation. Here's what I mean.

Haste Makes Waste

Your fishing pace is a topic that doesn’t get much discussion, yet one that is very important. Let me explain...

Braid or Fluorocarbon?

Choosing a fishing line isn't as easy as it used to be. Here's how to sort through dozens of options.

How To Catch A 10-Pound Trophy Bass

Everyone wants to catch big bass, but fishing specifically for them requires dedication and careful planning.

Choose the Right Rod for the Job

To accommodate most fishing situations, an angler needs at least five rods. Here are the rods I believe you need to cover the basics.

Buying a Bass Rod On a Budget

Quality rods with superior craftsmanship are available today, without having to spend a fortune.

4 Myths and A Truth About Reel Selection

I promise you will be much happier with your purchase if you first discern what your individual needs are, and buy a reel to match.

Match Your line To The Conditions

Of all the progressions in bass fishing, nothing compares to the fishing lines we’re using today.

Treble Hooks Are Not One Size Fits All

Always match your hooks for what you're doing. It's very, very important. Here's how.

Tune Up Your Terminal Tackle

When you’re missing strikes, losing fish or not getting bites at all, take a closer look at your hooks and sinkers.

Those Tantalizing Floating Worms

If you’ve never tried floating worms, you’re missing out on an exciting way to catch bass.

Why Mental Toughness is Important in Fishing

Mental toughness is so important in fishing whether you’re fishing for fun or competing.

Seven Swimbait Tricks You Should Know

Swimbaits are here to stay and will produce at times when other lures don’t. Use these tips to catch huge bass!

Sneaky Tricks For Shore Anglers

If you’re boatless, here are some tips to make you a better angler than Hank Parker was before he bought his first boat:

Sneaky Pond Tactics

Bass are bass, but the pond environment is considerably different and thus requires different tactics. Here's how to be successful.

A Case for Premium Lures

If you need that extra performance or lifelike appearance, premium lures can make a difference.

Adapting to New Trends in Tackle

Are today’s tackle trends worth trying? Yes, but you may have to change your fishing style to capitalize on the benefits. Here's why.

Experiments With Spinnerbaits

There are days when any spinnerbait will work. By experimenting, however, you may discover a way to catch more and bigger fish.

10 Spinnerbait Tips

It’s no secret I love to fish a spinnerbait. Here are 10 tips guaranteed to help make you be more successful.

Weekend Bass Strategies

Weekend fishing requires sneaky tactics. However, if anglers fish a little smarter, they’ll enjoy those weekends much more.

Stubborn Saturday Bass

If the action begins to slow as the weekend develops, adjust your lure presentations and...

Tracking Bass Movements

Being aware of the circumstances that cause bass to move and preparing to move with them, will make you a more successful angler.

Assessing Suspended Bass Conditions

One of the toughest fishing situations an angler can face is suspended fish. But that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to catch.

Keying On “The Other Bass”

Here's how to turn an average day of bass fishing into possibly one of the most exciting trips of the year.

How To Handle Pressured Lakes

Stumped by the indignant behavior bass develop when confronted with heavy fishing pressure. Hank reveals how to catch them!

Keys To Catching Cold Water Bass

Catching bass in cold water is one of the least understood topics in fishing. Here's how to catch cold water bass.

Is Your Boat Ready?

Here's how to inspect your bass boat and begin repairing or replacing those items that were showing signs of wear last season.

The Early Migration Period

Even though they may not spawn for weeks, bass begin to stir long before most anglers realize it. Here's how to catch these big fish!

Try Spinnerbaits in Muddy Waters This Spring

The spinnerbait probably is the greatest tool in fishing for fooling muddy-water fish.

Prespawn Magic

Hank Parker's advice for red-hot prespawn action will give you a fishing day you’ll remember forever!

Refine Your Tactics This Spring

If you follow these tips this spring, you’ll catch more fish throughout the day and bigger ones, too.

Pick The Right Lures For Spring

When you head to the lake this spring, use these tips and your fishing success is bound to improve.

Floating Worms For Suspended Bass

Suspended bass can be attracted to strike using a trick I’ve found to be incredibly successful, as well as a lot of fun.

Postspawn Tactics

When bass move into the postspawn season, keep an open mind, be patient, and use these tactics to load the boat!

Accuracy And Shallow-Water Fish

Successful target fishing involves more than just being accurate with a lure and a fishing rod. Let me explain...

Lunker-Locating Electronics

Summer fishing is a process of elimination, and good electronics will speed up the process. Here's how to find and catch them!

Locating Offshore Hotspots

Offshore structure fishing can be tedious, but it also can be very rewarding. Hank Parker explains how to do it.

Grind it Out When it is Hot

Anytime you fish the dog days, you have to change your tactics. Here's how to catch fish during those hot summer days.

Try The River This Summer

When summer fishing gets tough, try river bass fishing. Here's how to catch them during the hottest part of the summer.

Topwater Know-How

When bass seem to be ignoring everything you're throwing, tie on a topwater and use these tips!

Topwater Lures for Summer’s Dog Days

You’ll rarely see me this time of year without at least one topwater within reach. Here's why.

Fall Fishing: Follow Baitfish to Land Lunkers

You can have incredible days of fishing when your buddies are home watching football.

Fall-Fishing Versatility

As water cools and winter approaches, these are the best techniques I know for catching big bass.

Don’t Overlook Crankbaits in Fall

There’s not a better bait in your tackle box than a crankbait for catching aggressive fall bass roaming over structure.

Be A Versatile Fall Fisherman

Hank Parker tells you how to catch more and bigger bass during the fall season in this article.

Late-Season Buzzbaits

Don’t forget the buzzbait this fall. It might catch you the bass that you’re missing with other techniques. Here's how!

Catch More Late-Season Bass

Winter bass fishing isn’t for everyone. But if you’re persistent, you’ll discover some quality fishing that most people ignore.