Dock Talk: What Questions Should You Ask?

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

What questions should you ask other anglers who are catching fish when you're not? It's far more than, "What color are you using?" Find out inside.

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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here at And welcome to another edition of Hank Parker's fishing tips. Sitting here hanging out in Hank's boat and answering your questions.

Here is a question Hank, it's from Henry Dover, from Enumclaw Washington. And he says, " Hank if you know a fishery that's got a lot of fish that day, what's the most important question can you ask him?" And he has a couple of different, it’s a multi choice question. "Would you ask him, what time of day did you catch him on? What lure were you using? Were you fishing shallow or deep? What part of the lake were you fishing? Or what depth were you fishing?"

Hank: Well, I think all the above can be applicable. And I think it depends on what you know that's going on to build off to give the information that's gonna help you the best. I'll give you a very quick, crude illustration.

If you're going down the bank and you're fishing, and you're not catching any fish. And you see a boat approaching to you, and you see them catch a fish. And then you see them catch another fish, and maybe another fish. And boy they're catching them when you are not. So you pull up, then you say, "Hi man, how are y'all doing?"

And I say, "Man, we're killing them."

“Well, that is awesome. What are you catching on?”

“Catching them on a crankbait.”

A lot of times the next question somebody is gonna ask is, "What color?" Well, what is way more than what color is, "Man, how deep a crankbait? What type of crankbait is it? Is it got a wide wobble or a tight wiggle? How are you fishing it? What kind of structure are you fishing around? How fast are you fishing? Are you catching them when you pause the bait? Or are you catching them when you're bulling into the bottom? How are you fishing this particular bait?"

Those are the questions that are the most important that help me determine what I need to be doing to catch a fish, far more than what color. And that's usually the next question, "Catch more crankbait. Oh what color?" Well what difference does it make, what color it is if you're not using a crankbait that runs deep enough to fish the way the guy that is catching the fish?

So there's a lot of questions, and you need to get them in order. And the right question for you to ask is based on what you already know. If time of day's the most important thing because you know what the lake's doing, then that's a good question to ask. So it varies and you ask the question that most favors what you already know.

Glenn: That's a great answer, Hank. Henry, I do hope that answers your question. And for more tips and tricks like this visit Check out all the tips, and the tricks. Check out all the videos that are there. There's a whole lot of information that will keep you occupied for days on in. I guarantee you.

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