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What bass lures are most effective for fishing the outside edges of deep, visible grass lines?  Hank Parker tells you!



Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with, and I'm here with Hank Parker for another episode of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips. This week's question, Hank, it comes from Henry Dover from Enumclaw, Washington, and he wants to know what bass lures are most effective for fishing the outside edges of deep, visible grass lines. 

Hank: Well, that varies a lot, you know. There are so many baits that you can use and it depends on how deep the water is at that particular grass line. If it's calm and there's not a lot of wind, you know, a sinking worm works incredible, just really, really, really good. If the water is clear and the fish are a lot more aggressive, and you can't get them to take that sinking worm, a jig. A jig is one of my favorite of all. Pitch that jig right at the edge of the grass line. It depends on how fast that fish want that bait as to what size jig you use, you know. And you may start out in the morning with no wind if fishing a quarter ounce, and by the end of the day you're fishing a one ounce to get the bait to fall at the same speed because of the wind.

So, paying attention to the details and letting the fish kind of dictate, you know, if you start getting a lot of follow-ups or strikes, you may want to change up a little bit and go to a little heavier bait or a lighter bait depending upon your conditions.

But I think a jig, a plastic worm, a worm with no weight, all of those are probably the most effective ways to fish those sharp, weedline edges and all that depends on water depth. And I have used jerkbaits. I've gone down and paralleled them and have been very effective using jerkbaits.

So, there are a lot of good baits that work, but my first choice would probably be a jig, second choice would probably be a weightless worm, and then it might be a weighted worm and then a jerkbait. So, all those work, just depends on what the fish want, and they'll kind of tell you that if you use a variety, give them an opportunity to tell you. 

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