Is It Safe To Kiss Fish?

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

You see anglers do it all the time, but is it safe to kiss a fish?  Find out in this video!

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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and welcome to another addition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips. Hank, this week’s question, it comes from Gary Kilmartin from Illinois. And he wants to know is it safe from a health standpoint to kiss a fish like I often see anglers do before releasing them?

Hank: Well I’d say it’s safe, but it can give you bad breath.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been around Jimmy Houston but kisses all those fish, and I can tell you when the bite’s on for Jimmy, because he’s got the worse breath. I don’t know if he French kisses those bass or not, but I’ve got some pretty strong suspicions that Jimmy’s a little wild kissing those fish.

But no, I think it’s fine. Most of time, if you watch me kiss them, I’m faking it anyway. I don’t really make contact. Now Jimmy, that’s a whole different story.

But I think he’s alright. He’s 72 years old, but the way. Jimmy Houston. Still has bangs, so what can you say about that. 72 year old man with bangs. But I will say this, Jimmy Houston is one of the coolest, neatest, friends that I have. And that rascal’s 72 years old, and he acts like he’s 50 years old. He’s wide open. So I think kissing bass may be healthy.

Glenn: It works for him, doesn’t it?

Hank: It’s the secret for life, I don’t know. It’s working for Jimmy

Glenn: Well there you go Gary, pucker up and kiss those fish. For more tips and tricks like this, go check out and all the information that’s on there. It’s loaded full of pages and pages of information and videos that you can look at to your heart’s delight. And if you wanna be notified of more videos like this, just check out our YouTube channel, subscribe to it. Thanks for watching and have a great day.