How To Fish Muddy Water (Proven Tactics That Work!)

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Learn how to fish muddy water from the master, Hank Parker. He explains what lures to use and what changes to make to catch more fish when your water gets muddy.

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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and I'm here with another weekly tip from Hank Parker sitting here in his boat, dockside. Hank, this week's question, it comes from Chris from Charleston, Indiana. And he wants to know, "If your favorite fishing hole muddies up after a hard rain, how do you fish it?"

Hank: You know, that is a really, really good question. Several years ago a guy named Bill Noah won a tournament on Lake Wiley, a lake that I expected out of myself to win. And I did not do well at all in that tournament. And Bill Noah won that tournament.

The last day of that tournament, his water muddied up. I ran all week from that muddy water because I was deep water structure fishing, catching most of my fish on a Carolina rigged lizard, some on a crankbait, but I ran from the muddy water.

And Roland Martin drew Bill Noah the last day of that tournament and Bill goes up the river. He reacted somewhat like I did, "Oh no, man, we gotta get outta here, we gotta get down the lake. This water's muddied up." And Roland said, "Nah, nah, nah we don't need to leave this muddy water, we just need to use brighter crankbaits, crankbaits that displace more water, and be more aggressive." And he loaded the boat.

Not sure if he'd a done that if he hadn't had Roland as a partner. He may have anyway. But I ran from that muddy water when it overtook my deep water structure areas. Bill Noah didn't and he won the tournament, deserveingly so, he's a heck of a fisherman, by the way.

But that's amazing how some people react to a situation that appears to be negative, turns out to be positive. He caught the biggest string of the whole tournament out of the off-colored water after it just came in. So sometimes new mud will wipe you out and sometimes it'll play into your hand. You just have to make adjustments for that muddy water.

Glenn: Makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot for submitting that question, Chris. I hope it answers your question. And for more tips and tricks, head on over to Check out all the tips, and tricks, and the videos. There's tons of 'em posted there to keep you entertained for days, if not weeks. And if you wanna get notified the next time we post some of Hank's tips, just subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks again, and have a great day.