Sight Fishing - The Key To Success

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Learn the key to successful sight fishing in this video.

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Editor's note: We're sad to report Guido Hibdon passed away shortly after this video was made. The fishing world misses him greatly.


Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with Sitting here in Hank Parker's boat answering your questions every week. And this is another here for you Hank. This week's question, it comes from Janet from Kitchener, Ontario. And she wants to know, she says I would ask, "What does Hank think is the key to sight fishing?"

Hank: Key to site fishing, good sunglasses. Number one key to sight fishing are good sunglasses. I wear these Solar Bat glasses that fit tight around my eyes. You know, you look out of a window at night and there's light in the room, you can't see very good. But if you'll cup your hands around your eyes to seal off any light that's protruding from the side you're able to see. So, wear a hat pulled down, good Solar Bat or polarized sunglasses. And always put the sun to your angle, to your advantage. Have it behind you where you can see down in the water. It's very, very difficult to see down in the water when the sun's shining in your face. So, I always like to put the sun to my back, pull those glasses down and get a pace that I'm comfortable with where I can see. I don't wanna go too fast. And I wanna cover some water so I wanna go as fast as I can go without going too fast. So, you get you a little rhythm going. But get those good glasses. Get that hat, pull it down. And just cover that water looking.

And I'm telling you site fishing is as much fun... I love to hunt. So, I spend a lot of time hunting. And site fishing to me is a lot like hunting and fishing combined because you're hunting, you're watching that fish react to a bait in a bed. And to me, it's my favorite way to fish. I love sight fishing. And Guido Hibdon, Shaw Grigsby, all those guys that were so great at it, it's amazing. 

And I wanna plug, while I just said that, Guido Hibdon is a world champion. He's the only father-son world champion that there is, he and Dion. Guido is in poor health. Guido needs our help. We have got a channel they call Go Fund Me for Guido Hibdon. He's fighting cancer. It's been a long battle. And he needs our financial support. So, go to that Go Fund Me channel and give a buck or two and help Guido out because we're really, really wanting to do that for him. The fishing family want to prove that we are truly a caring family and we need to help our brother. So, Guido needs our help. Go check that out. It's called Go Fund Me, Guido Hibdon.

Glenn: Absolutely. Right. Thanks so much Hank. I do appreciate that. And Janet, thanks again for the question. For more tips and tricks like that go to and check out all the articles and the videos that you have there. Definitely go to that Go Fund Me channel and help out Guido. He's a long time champion that all us fishermen need to get behind him and support him. For more tips and tricks check out our YouTube channel, subscribe to it. And have a great day.