Seasonal Fishing Articles


    A Tough Proposition

    Winter is approaching fast in the north, but does that mean you can't catch bass? No! We explain why in....

    Early Winter Bass

    Early winter can be a very frustrating time of year for trophy largemouth bass or it can be the most exciting time of year. If you...

    Bass Fishing In Winter

    Having trouble catching bass during the winter months? A pro angler gives you a few pointers inside.

    Choosing Winter Lures

    Just because the water in winter is cold doesn't mean your lure selection is limited. Expanding your choices could mean big bass in the livewell.

    The Spinners Of Winter

    A spinnerbait can be an exceptional tool even in colder water when used properly.

    Cold Water Lunkers

    Big bass can be caught even during winter. Professional guide Dean Stroman (a big bass specialist) gives us his tips on catching lunkers during the colder months.

    Winter Jig Fishing

    It's time to slow down our presentation as the water cools and look to jigs on those really cold days. Why? Because they work!

    Hair for Cold Water River Bronzebacks

    Hair jigs are excellent lures for fooling river smallmouth bass even when they reach their most inactive period during the winter.

    Short-Sleeve Fishing in January?

    If you put your fishing gear away for the winter that's a mistake. There's plenty of big bass to be caught, you just have to change your tactics. Here's how!

    Slow Down For Winter

    Professional angler Jay Yelas explains how he catches bass during Winter in this article.

    The Forgotten Winter Technique

    Sometimes cold water fishing can be downright tough. Here's a great technique to try when the chips are down.

    Cold Clear Water

    During January, February and early March, concentrate on jigging for deep-water bass. Here's how.

    Are You Ready?

    Use these tips for winter fishing. And while the fishing is slow, here's how to get ready for when it is not.

    Cold Muddy Water

    Cold water or muddy fishing conditions are usually tough. Together they are bad news. So let's look at the options to make the best of these conditions.

    Night Fishing In Winter?

    Most people think night fishing is good only during summer. The truth is, night fishing for trophy bass is good year round. Find out more inside.

    Keep On Catching

    Most fishermen think that wintertime conditions means they should fish down to 30- to 60- feet deep. But there are some tricks and observations that will help you catch those shallow, cold water bass.

    'Tis the Season

    Fishing for presents for your favorite angler? Don't just buy the usual new pairs of socks or underwear this year. Give a gift that delights the recipient and helps them pursue the wonderful sport of fishing. This article offers many gift ideas.

    Winter Big Bass Tactics

    It's true that fishing slows down during winter. It's also true that huge bass can be caught during this time if you're willing to put in a little effort. Put the odds in your favor for catching trophy bass by following these tips.

    Hot Water Bassin'

    It's winter. The water is cold and so is the fishing. Or is it?

    Cold Weather, Hot Baits

    In the winter months, there are numerous baits that are proven to be extremely productive. Find out what works and why in this informative article.

    Cure Those Winter Blues

    Get out and try ice fishing to cure winter blues. Here's how!

    Fallen Through the Ice? What to do?

    God forbid ... if you fall through the ice, here is our best advice.

    Preparing For Cold Weather

    There are a considerable number of hazards to consider when fishing in the winter cold. But don't let the cold keep you indoors, get on out there, but be prepared.

    Resolutions for Better Fishing

    With the goal of more big fish and a good time on the water, here are a few ideas for the coming year.

    New Year's Resolution

    Here's some tongue-in-cheek New Year's resolutions for bass anglers.

    Sports Shows: The Cure For Cabin Fever

    The next time Mr. cabin fever starts cramping your style, take a trip to your local outdoors show. From all the new high-tech outdoor gear to the exciting giveaways, sports shows are a great get-away for the entire family.

    Get Your Winter Fishing Fix

    The next time the winter weather won't allow you to head to your favorite lake for a day of fishing, try this to get your fix.

    Winter Project Anyone?

    Remember all the baits you have scattered in your garage, spare bedroom, boat, or closet? Here's a great way to get them organized!

    Cabin Fever Remedies

    It's going to be a cold weekend and you are getting cabin fever. The fish are out the water, but the weather is not predicted to be nice. Now is the time to get your gear ready for the next season.

    Winter: Use It To Prepare!

    Rather than anxiously await for winter to release its grip, take this opportunity to GET READY for Spring fishing!

    Practice, Practice, Practice

    There are many things you can do to improve your fishing instead of sitting around dreaming of the bass season to come.

    VanDam at Work in a Blizzard

    In Michigan, the water is hard and thick in January. But inside - Kevin Vandam is preparing.

    Aerial Scouting

    Cabin fever driving you crazy? You need to channel that energy into preparation for the coming year. Here's something you can do that will bring more fish to the scales this year.

    Catch More Late-Season Bass

    Winter bass fishing isn’t for everyone. But if you’re persistent, you’ll discover some quality fishing that most people ignore.

    Keys To Catching Cold Water Bass

    Catching bass in cold water is one of the least understood topics in fishing. Here's how to catch cold water bass.

    Ice, Ice Fishy

    Ice fishing is about the gear, scouting the fish, finding them and then figuring out what it takes for them to bite. Learn more inside.

    How to Fish Your Way Around Cold Water Jerkbaits

    Jerkbaits are hard to beat in cold water. But if they don't work, then you better try these! Top pros reveal their secrets inside.

    The Early Migration Period

    Even though they may not spawn for weeks, bass begin to stir long before most anglers realize it. Here's how to catch these big fish!

    Afflicted: A Primer for Winter River Smallmouth Fishing

    Winter river smallmouth fishing is not a hobby, it’s an affliction. Here's some key tips for catching huge winter lunkers!

    Don’t Put Your Bass Fishing On Ice

    Are snowbanks and ice keeping you from bass fishing? Here are 10 ways to improve your game while waiting for the spring thaw.

    Cold, Cold Water Bassin’

    Many anglers will tell you that you can’t catch bass through the ice. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Learn more inside!

    How To Find Wintertime Bass

    Deep water is important this time of year, but it’s not always necessary. Here's why.

    Ice Fishing 101

    It is not for everyone, but ice fishing can be a great way to pass the time in the winter, and get some fun fishing done too!

    Transition Smallmouths

    Smallmouth bass can be caught during fall and early winter by adapting these techniques.

    Shallow Bass In Winter?

    Bass, even the big ones, are not always deep in winter. Follow these tips, and you may be surprised at how many fish you find on the bank no matter how cold it is.

    Tips for Winter Bass Fishing

    Although, it may seem counterintuitive, your best bet in winter may be doing this.

    Winter Paddletail Swimbait Tactics

    Less is more sometimes for Jimmy Mason when he fishes paddletail swimbaits in the winter. Here's why.

    Fishing Winter Cold Fronts

    When a winter cold front hits your favorite bass fishery, bundle up in layers of warm clothing and ignore the cold because bass are still biting. Here's how.

    Don’t Fish Blind in the Winter

    Your electronics are as important to fishing success in winter as summer. Three Bassmaster Elite Series anglers tell you where to use them and what to look for when water temperatures plummet.

    Prep For Spring

    If you’re snowed in and your fishing hole is frozen over, don’t despair: use this time to prep for a great fishing season. Here's how.

    A Little Preparation Now Means More Bass Later

    Take time between fishing seasons to reorganize and reprioritize your tackle. You’ll catch more bass by saying “so long” to unproductive lures and welcoming new ones to an orderly and adaptive storage system.

    Swimbaits Are Hot In Cold Water

    Don’t limit your swimbait fishing to spring and summer. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Paul Mueller shares the adjustments he makes to keep these bass-catchers producing when the water turns cold in winter.

    Precision Catches Cold Tidal-Water Bass

    Tidal-water bass are geared for their environment’s daily cycles. But their tolerances — from where they live to what they eat — tighten in cold water. Here’s how to stay in sync during winter so you can keep catching them.

    Fishing The A-Rig In The Winter

    The A-rig has produced some big bites in recent winters. Here are the best ways to use it.

    Fish For Bass Through The Ice

    While most ice anglers don’t target bass, they can be caught with regularity during the hardwater season. That’s good news for anglers whose favorite bass lakes freeze over during winter, especially after reading these ice-fishing tips.

    Fishing the Ned Rig

    Learn how professional angler Bill Lowen fishes the Ned Rig to catch big bass!

    Top 5 Baits for Winter

    Wintertime bass fishing makes it hard to deal with the cold, but easier to select lures for catching cold-water bass.

    Prespawn Bassin'

    Early prespawn bass fishing will require a little more preparation and homework in terms of locating fish. Here's how.

    Fishing The Pre-Spawn

    The important link in fishing the pre-spawn is to try to find these so called Staging Areas in the lake.

    Quickly Locating Pre-Spawn Bass

    Here is a simple and very effective way of locating and catching a quick limit of heavy prespawn bass!

    Spring Weather

    Spring weather can be unpredictable and can change in a minute. Find out how to prepare for these shifts so you can enjoy a productive day on the water.

    And The Rains Came

    Spring rains bring muddy water. You have to ignore the water color and use something that appeals to as many of the basic senses of the bass as you can to be successful. Here's how.

    The Cure for the Common Cold Front

    Big schools of bass in small areas after cold fronts can result in some of the hottest fishing of the year. Here's how to catch them!

    Spring Baits and How To Use Them

    Bass are versatile and you have to be the same to succeed in spring fishing. Here's how!

    How To Catch A 10-Pound Plus Bass

    So you want to catch a huge bass but don't know how? Read inside for some helpful tips.

    Springtime Bassin'

    Read this article before you dust off your gear and head to your favorite lake.

    Springtime Great Lakes Smallie Tactics

    Do not let another spring pass before you decide to take advantage of the spring smallie bite. Tactics are pretty easy. Read this article. When the smallies hit the shallows, it's all over except for the catching part.

    Catching Spring Lunkers

    Spring is the time to catch lunker bass. Trophy bass guide Dean Stroman gives excellent advice on finding, and catching, monster bass.

    Springing For Big Bass

    Use these techniques and you will find your arms getting tired from catching those springtime lunkers.

    Springtime Jig Tactics for Bass

    If you are looking for big springtime bass make sure you tie on a jig and follow these tips.

    Jigs for Springtime Lunkers-Part I

    Learn how to choose jigs, rods, reels, and more for successful spring jig fishing.

    Jigs for Springtime Lunkers-Part II

    Here's how to use jigs for successful spring jig fishing.

    Swim Jigs Are Not Just For Largemouth

    After spending the long winter in the depths, smallies cannot wait to get into the shallows to put on the feed bag. Here's a unique way to catch them!

    Spinnerbaits in Spring

    If the spinnerbait isn't the number one lure in your spring arsenal, it really should be. There are many little tricks that will make it the most productive lure you can use this time of the year. Here's how.

    Cranking The Grass

    The water's got a nip and the official crankbait season is still weeks away, right? Wrong! Now is the time to be running your crankbaits through spring's fields of grass.

    Quick Change Artist

    Springtime's a crazy time of year but it is Aaron Marten's favorite time to fish. He explains his tactics inside.

    Spring Tournament Tips

    How you approach spring fishing can make or break your tournament year. We show you some valuable tips inside that will make you more successful.

    Mid-Layer Bass

    Seek out those fish least pressured for springtime success. Here's where to find them.

    Fishing The Trends

    The weather occurring before a spring tournament can make or break your winning streak. Weather trends affect water conditions. If you don't study the trends you can watch the weigh-in line to see who did well. You can bet that they did.

    Spring For Big Bass

    Early spring bass fishing is the time for big bass, but where and how are you going to catch them? We tell you inside!

    Crankin' and Rippin'

    Find out from Gary Dobyns how to catch prespawn bass.

    Jerkbaits In Spring

    When you approach your next tournament this spring, it will help you at the final weigh-in if at least one of your rods is rigged with a jerkbait. Here's why!

    Jerk, Twitch, Pop and Chug

    During spring and early summer, try some of these baits on your next trip to the lake. You could just load the boat!

    Lighten Up This Spring!

    Light presentations during spring can often out perform other tactics. Here's how!

    The Flats Are Where It's At

    Are cold fronts and changing weather patterns giving you trouble catching bass during the Spring? Three-time Bassmaster Classic finalist and the only three-time B.A.S.S. Western Division Champion Jeff Boyer shows you how to locate and catch Spring fever bass.

    Spring Bassin' for the Non-Sight Fisherman

    If sight fishing isn't your strength, give muddy water, deeper water, or windy flats a try and you'll catch lots of big bass in Spring.

    Spawning Bass

    Have you been stumped trying to get spawning bass to hit your lure? Here are some key tactics to catching these wary bass.

    Catching Bedding Bass

    One of the conditions you will find this spring is spawning bass. Here are some tricks for catching them.

    Fishing The Beds

    To fish or not to fish for bedding bass has been debated for many years. Is it harmful or not? Take a look at the pros and cons inside.

    Dropshotting For Bedding Bass

    Drop shot fishing is not a typical sight fishing technique but, sometimes you need to go against the grain.

    Fishing The Post Spawn

    There are critical factors that determine not only the spawn but post spawn movements and habits. Find out how to use this knowledge to catch more bass inside.

    Post-Spawn Fishing

    While bass are in post-spawn patterns, you can have some great fishing. But you must think through your strategy and presentation to get the maximum number of strikes.

    Postspawn Beauties

    The post spawn can be a great time to catch fish. Find out from pro Dee Thomas how he loads the boat with big fish

    Fishing The Weeds

    After the spawn, the bass are in a transition period, moving from spawning coves and flats to summer feeding areas. Here's how to catch those difficult-to-find fish.

    Suspenders & Heavy Metal

    As the spawn wraps up, many big females are in transition from shallow water spawning sites to deep water summertime locations. Here's how to catch them!

    Pick The Right Lures For Spring

    When you head to the lake this spring, use these tips and your fishing success is bound to improve.

    A New Angle on Bedding Bass

    Here's an unconventional method that catches bedding bass when others fail. It really works!

    Prespawn Magic

    Hank Parker's advice for red-hot prespawn action will give you a fishing day you’ll remember forever!

    KVD’s Mac Daddy Hammer Approach to the Spawn

    Kevin VanDam reveals his absolute favorite lures when bass are spawning, then tells you how to use them!

    Tips for Targeting Post-Spawn Bass

    Russ Lane, offer these useful tips for locating and landing post-spawn bass.

    Postspawn Tactics

    When bass move into the postspawn season, keep an open mind, be patient, and use these tactics to load the boat!

    Sight Fishing Success

    Sight fishing is a method that many anglers simply avoid. Use these tips to improve your success!

    Looking at Largemouths

    Few anglers are more proficient than Tim Mann at catching big, bedded bass. Here’s some how-to info from a man who lives, breathes and sleeps bedded bass.

    Erie’s Early Spring Bronze Hawgs

    String some fresh line on those reels, hook up the boat and point your vehicle toward Erie. Here’s how locals take advantage of the area’s incredible smallmouth bass fishery.

    Don’t Overlook Riprap Banks In May

    Just the forage factor alone makes riprap a productive bass fishing hotspot. Here's how to fish them.

    Refine Your Tactics This Spring

    If you follow these tips this spring, you’ll catch more fish throughout the day and bigger ones, too.

    Spring Time Bedding Bass

    In order to time this right and find the mother load of bass, there are several variables to consider...

    Lipless Crankin’ Tips From A Classic Champ

    Learn how to use lipless crankbaits in early spring from Classic champion Alton Jones!

    Pre-Spawn To Post-Spawn Fishing

    With just a few adjustments, jigs can take you through both pre-spawn and post-spawn fishing. Here's how!

    Finesse Baits for Pre-Spawn Bass

    Most of the time, you’ll downsize your lures when finesse fishing, but the most important thing is technique. Discover how to catch prespawn bass with finesse techniques in this article.

    Chillin’ With Jerkbaits

    Fishing just got better and better as the morning went on and temperatures climbed. It was obvious that jerkbaits were the ticket for spring smallmouths.

    Floating Worm Trick for Spawning Bass

    The floating worm will produce both numbers and quality fish during the spawn. Here's how!

    Look to Small Waters for Spring Bass

    A few days of t-shirt weather will have small-water bass on the feed. Here's how to catch them.

    Follow These Clues to Better Sight Fishing

    FLW Tour pro Clark Wendlandt believes sight fishing success comes from reading bass and conditions. He offers tips on deciphering both.

    Sight Fishing Tips with Drew Benton

    Learn how to find and catch bedding bass in this article. A top pro reveals his tips for tricking bass into biting.

    Smallmouths by the Calendar

    In early spring in the north, with water temperatures still cold where do you start looking? Find out inside!

    Bass Fishing Spring into Summer

    Do this during spring, and you’ll be set for great days on the water clear into summer.

    Wise Lure Choices During, After Shad Spawn

    Topwaters and spinnerbaits rule when the shad spawn is hot and heavy. But when it slows, fish a swimbait.

    A Little Preparation Now Means More Bass Later

    Take time between fishing seasons to reorganize and reprioritize your tackle. You’ll catch more bass by saying “so long” to unproductive lures and welcoming new ones to an orderly and adaptive storage system.

    Favorite Lures for Prespawn Bass (Because They Work!)

    Use the following tips on how to catch bass on favorite prespawn lures for spring action!

    Don’t Let Cold Fronts Ice Your Spring Bass Fishing

    Adapting to current weather conditions is vital to bass fishing success. But overcoming a springtime cold front always feels like an uphill slog. It doesn’t have to be that way. Three Bassmaster Elite Series anglers are here to give you a leg up.

    Don’t Overlook Marinas When Fishing For Spawning Bass

    Everything that bedding bass want is found in marinas. They’re a favorite spring spot for Elite Series anglers and sight-fishing experts Aaron Martens and Shaw Grigsby. Here’s how they fish them.

    Floating Rogues for Spawning and Postspawn Bass

    When bass are on beds or protecting fry, try a lure from the good old days for some fun topwater action.

    The Pro's Favorite Lure for Postspawn Bass

    The postspawn can be a time for either slowing down or speeding up to catch recuperating bass. Here's the best postspawn bait to match the mood of the fish.

    Reaction Baits for Springtime Bass

    Spring is hard to beat for active fish. Grab a handful of reaction baits and get out there, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different lures.

    Catch Bass While They’re Looking Up

    Bass anglers are always ready to fish topwater lures, which draw visible strikes that make their hearts pound. Lucky for them, post spawn through early summer is a great time to use them. Here are the best ones and where to fish them.

    Catch More Bass When the Mayflies Hatch

    The U.S. and Canada are home to almost one-third of the world’s 2,500 species of mayflies, which hatch with summer’s warming waters. FLW Tour angler Shane Lineberger explains where to look for them and how to catch the bass that are swimming nearby.

    Shallow To Deep

    The spawn has ended. Where have the bass gone? We'll help you find them by doing like the fish. We'll start shallow and follow them to the deep water.

    Early Summer Fishing

    Discover how to find and catch early summer bass in this informative article!

    The Other Spawns

    Late spring and early summer is the bass' equivalent to an all you can eat seafood buffet and they're starving hungry. Here's how to feed them what they want!

    Early Summer Bass

    After the spawn, bass fishing can be excellent. We show you how to catch more bass during this transition period.

    Snap Pop and Bass

    When the bass make the move towards the weedflats and outside edge for the summer months give this tactic a try.

    A Deeper Shade Of Blue

    When the warmer weather moves bass to deeper water during Dog Days you don't have to dread its arrival. Try this instead.

    Shallow Bassin'

    Catching summer bass in shallow water can be tough at times. This article outlines some proven techniques that will make your fishing more productive.

    July Bassin Rocks

    In July it is time to leave the shore and head towards the deeper water rock haunts. Try these tactics and you too will soon be singing the praises of deepwater rock bass.

    Hot Weather Crankin'

    To get a real leg up on the game of working out the challenge of catching summertime bass, use crankbaits this way.

    Tough Summer Fishing

    Summer fishing at times can be tough. When this happens to you, try these tactics to catch more bass.

    Summertime Big Bass Tactics

    Summer giants can be caught even when the temperatures soar. A Trophy largemouth specialist reveals his secret tactics that pay off with huge bass!

    Summer Fishing

    The warmest months of the year mean easy fishing, right? Well what happened to the bass? If you're having trouble finding and catching bass during the summer, these tips should help you out.

    Beating The Dog Days of Summer

    Catching summertime bass is a challenge, but try these hot-weather tips. When you show your friends pictures of your catch, you'll be the coolest person around.

    Hot Weather Fishing

    We have all heard about the dog days of summer and bass with lockjaw. But bass have to eat and we can learn to adjust to their needs.

    On Top In Summer

    Fishing topwater lures in the heat of the summer is exciting. Here's how to get the most from them.

    Cool Baits For Hot Weather

    The key to enjoying warm-weather fishing is to pick the period of the day that suits your preference and then plan a strategy that is most likely to succeed during that period. Here's how.

    Summer Fishing Tips

    Deep water structure fishing is the topic of this article. Learn how to probe the depths to catch stubborn bass with these Summer Bass Fishing Tips.

    Fishing Deep

    There's no denying that most anglers would much rather fish shallow than deep. But during summer you'll find more fish deep more often. Here's how to catch them.

    Flippin' Deep Grass

    Here's a great way to beat the summer heat and catch a tournament winning bag.

    Hot Weather Spooning

    Fishing spoons in the heat of summer can be some of the most exciting fishing you will ever do. From Johnson spoons to jigging spoons we reveal our tricks, including our secret spoon and Carolina rig trick!

    Summertime Smallmouth - Where have they all gone?

    With a little hard work and a lot of dedication, you may well be tapping into the best smallmouth fishing of the year.

    The Risks of Summer Fishing

    If you are going to get out on the lake in the mid-day and afternoon sunshine, you must take precautions against dehydration and skin damage. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. The numbers go up appreciably in folks with outdoor jobs or hobbies. Bass fishing enthusiast Dr. Ronald F. Dodson shows you how to safely enjoy summertime fishing in this informative article.

    The Sun and Summer Heat

    During the summer, you need to take some precautions before heading to the lake and while on the water. We outline some helpful tips inside.

    Night Bite

    Beat the heat and find out what awaits in the dark. It can be some excellent bass fishing!

    Night Lunkers

    Summertime offers bass anglers the best opportunity to land a lunker during the darkness of night. Here's how to find those nighttime lunker bass.

    Bass Fishing At Night

    If you're not bass fishing at night, you're missing out on one of the most exciting ways to catch bass, especially right now. Night bass fishing is...

    In The Heat Of The Night

    Does the thought of hours on the water in hot, humid weather make you cringe? The solution is night fishing. Not only will you avoid the heat, you can catch huge bass too.

    The Night Shift

    Largemouth bass have excellent night vision. It would seem that nature has equipped them to feed at night as well as during the day. If you fish in the south where hot, summer temperatures can soar during the day, you may want to become acquainted with the art of fishing in the dark. This article tells you how.

    Night Fishing: Be Prepared

    With just a little preparation, you can venture out in the dark and have a safe and enjoyable fishing experience. We show you how to be prepared and have one of those fantastic times.

    Zona: I Won’t Let Summer Slip Away

    Everyday of summer is filled with life – and I’m not letting that slip away. Especially, when I stop to realize that in a few weeks we’ll say hello to fantasy football leagues and good-bye to family get-aways.

    Try The River This Summer

    When summer fishing gets tough, try river bass fishing. Here's how to catch them during the hottest part of the summer.

    Lunker-Locating Electronics

    Summer fishing is a process of elimination, and good electronics will speed up the process. Here's how to find and catch them!

    Grind it Out When it is Hot

    Anytime you fish the dog days, you have to change your tactics. Here's how to catch fish during those hot summer days.

    Two Secrets To More Summertime Bass

    Here are two of David Dudley's secret ways to fish soft plastics for hot weather bass.

    Topwater Lures for Summer’s Dog Days

    You’ll rarely see me this time of year without at least one topwater within reach. Here's why.

    Late Summer Split

    You’ll catch more bass in late summer if you focus shallower or deeper than other anglers, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Bradley Roy explains.

    The Other Bass

    While they’re not as highly regarded as some species, they sure put a bend in your rod when other more glamorous species are sulking.

    Workin’ The Weeds For Bass

    Largemouth bass and weeds are like peanut butter and jelly. Summertime, weeds and largemouth bass – it is a match made in heaven.

    Summer Smallmouths In Moving Water

    Wading wet on a hot summer day and having spunky smallmouths put a big bend in the long rod is about as much summer fun as you can have with two feet on the ground.

    Survival Kit For Summer Largemouths

    Picking the 5 best lures for summer largemouths is a daunting task, so we did the work for you. See them inside.

    Bill Lowen on Fishing Grass

    When the grass is green and thick, use these techniques to trick bass into biting.

    Tactics For Summer River Smallies

    Few things top a float down a meandering river on a hot summer day with your toes dangling in the water, especially if there's feisty smallmouths tugging on the end of your line.

    Dog Days Smallmouths

    Dog day smallmouths are no pushovers. If they suddenly disappear from your favorite springtime haunts, then you need to do this.

    Keeping Summer Bass Alive

    Summer time coincides with some of the hottest bass fishing of the year literally and figuratively. Be sure to take extra steps to insure that the bass you catch live to fight another day.

    The Scoop On Spoons

    Spoons may be one of the oldest styles of lures, but these lures still catch bass, from top to bottom.

    Bass Fishing Spring into Summer

    Do this during spring, and you’ll be set for great days on the water clear into summer.

    Shaky Head Worm for Suspended Bass

    Here is a sure fire way to catch bass even during the heat of summertime.

    Catching Summertime Smallmouth in Reservoirs

    Summer can turn reservoirs into saunas, but smallmouth can still be caught if you follow this advice.

    Weed Fishing with Todd Faircloth

    Here's how to fish matted vegetation during the dog days of summer and the hot weather of early fall.

    Pooling Resources For Summer Smallies

    Big or small, summer river smallies are a blast to catch! Here's how to find and catch summer smallmouth.

    Catching Suspended Bass in Standing Timber

    When early summer bass suspend in standing timber, top pros knock on wood to get their attention. Here's how.

    Catching Summertime Pond Bass

    Fishing a pond during summer is a great way to catch numbers of bass and big fish. Here's how.

    Catch More Bass When the Mayflies Hatch

    The U.S. and Canada are home to almost one-third of the world’s 2,500 species of mayflies, which hatch with summer’s warming waters. FLW Tour angler Shane Lineberger explains where to look for them and how to catch the bass that are swimming nearby.

    Don’t Let Cold Fronts Put Your Summertime Fishing On Ice

    While cold fronts make fishing tough during any season, summertime ones are especially viscous. But they don’t have to stop your fishing cold. Bassmaster Elite Series angler Jamie Hartman offers some tips for dealing with them.

    Probing Weeds for Summertime Bass

    Aquatic vegetation is ideal summertime cover for catching huge bass. Here's how to catch them!

    Summer: Top Five Places To Fish A Spoon

    You might not think of spoons as summer baits, but they are actually excellent for this time of year. Here are five places to fish spoons in summer, some of which may surprise you.

    Flippin' Matted Grass for Late Summer Lunkers

    From late summer through fall, flipping matted grass can make for outstanding shallow water fishing for big bass, even on the hottest and sunniest days of the year.

    Hot Fall Fishing

    Fall can be a great time to catch large numbers of bass. It is the time of year bass gorge on food getting ready for winter. It's time to go fishing!

    Autumn At Last

    In order to find bass to catch as they make the transition from summer to fall, it is important to understand their lifestyles and habits. Try these tactics and lures when the temperatures start to cool.

    Late Season Bass Tactics

    Do not give up on bass too early this fall. Some of the best bass fishing of the year is still to come. Shallow cranks, spinner baits and traps will...

    How KVD Tackles Fall Bass Fishing

    It's refreshingly less like the sweltering summer of August. But for bass fishermen, September sometimes lands us smack in the middle of a month of confusion.

    Football Season is Here

    Many of these summertime bruisers that live in the depths will make their first appearances in the shallows since the spawn, do not let this big bass opportunity pass, football season is here!

    Fall Strategies

    Read this article and discover the best tools in trying to figure out where the bass are in the fall, and why they are there.

    One-Two Combo for Catching Fall Bass

    To land a haymaker on the bass this fall, try the horizontal-vertical combo and you might become the bass heavyweight champ.

    Fall Fishing Tactics

    When you approach your fall tournaments, learn to use the changing conditions and other factors to your advantage. Very often that change can make for a winning day.

    Successful Fall Bass Fishing

    Fall could very well be the most exciting time of the year, and the best chance for catching trophy fish. Here's how to make the most of it.

    Shallow Water Bassin' for Fast Fall Action

    While your buddies leave for the woods to go hunting this fall, head to the shallows and you'll likely have a day to remember.

    Fishing Deep-Diving Crankbaits

    Fall fishing usually means one thing: Crankbaits. Tie one on this fall and keep the net handy - you're gonna need it!

    Cranking Out The Hits

    As the water cools, bass move up from deep water and eagerly pounce on crankbaits that resemble the baitfish on which they feed. Here's how to use crankbaits to find bass fast.

    Chasing The Food Chain

    Chase the food chain, it's an important part of fall angling, and something every angler should be aware of each and every trip to the lake.

    My Favorite Time Of Year

    From gorgeous scenery to plentiful bass, fall fishing is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to be out on the water. Join columnist John Brady as he explains why fall offers some of the most vivid fishing trips of the year.

    Catch Fish While Hunting?

    Carrying a rod and reel along on a duck hunting trip may seem somewhat peculiar to some people, but it's not a bad idea if you want to get the most out of being in a duck blind for a long period of time.

    Fall Fishing

    Fall is often regarded as one of the best times to go bass fishing. Find out why and what patterns work best in this informative article by "The Bass Coach".

    Fall Patterns

    Bass are creatures of habit and one of the annual events you can count on is their tendency to move shallow in the fall. Ronald Dodson explains what tactics to use during this transitional season.

    When Less Is More

    During the fall, flipping with lighter line can make the difference between catching a lot of fish, or just going fishing.

    Get Out And Fish

    This fall and winter there is no reason to sit at home suffering from cabin fever. There is still plenty of great fishing to enjoy. Here's how!

    Fall Deep Structure Fishing for Numbers and Lunkers

    If you want to learn how to structure fish or if you're just looking to catch a lot of fish and maybe a lunker, late fall is hard to beat.

    Change Your Clocks, Change Your Tactics

    Face fall and winter with big bass anticipation after reading this article!

    Be A Versatile Fall Fisherman

    Hank Parker tells you how to catch more and bigger bass during the fall season in this article.

    Don’t Overlook Crankbaits in Fall

    There’s not a better bait in your tackle box than a crankbait for catching aggressive fall bass roaming over structure.

    Early Fall Transition Bass Fishing Tips

    Russ Lane offers the following tips for bass fishing success during the summer to fall transition period.

    Fall Fishing: Follow Baitfish to Land Lunkers

    You can have incredible days of fishing when your buddies are home watching football.

    Mindset of a Fall Angler

    Fishing ponds during the fall can be exceptionally rewarding. You just might catch the lunker of the year!

    Late-Season Buzzbaits

    Don’t forget the buzzbait this fall. It might catch you the bass that you’re missing with other techniques. Here's how!

    How Swindle Fishes Football Season

    Bucks are rubbing trees, football season is at its peak ... and the bass are flat-out chewin.

    Fall-Fishing Versatility

    As water cools and winter approaches, these are the best techniques I know for catching big bass.

    McClelland’s Favorite Fall Lures

    He speaks of each fall lure, and the specifics of his use of them, in the paragraphs that follow.

    How Iaconelli Catches Autumn Bass

    Mike Iaconelli's teachings for finding and catching autumn bass are revealed here!

    Fall Froggin’

    Here’s advice from the best fishing pros in the business on getting the most out of your autumn frog fishing.

    Unlocking Summer to Fall Transition

    Following these two small tips is just a start on what any angler can do to catch more fish.

    Go Big or Go Home

    Large lures can be the trick, whether searching for big bass, matching the hatch or treating yourself to the fast fishing of fall’s feeding frenzy. Here's how!

    Early Fall Smallmouth

    Luke Clausen, 2006 FLW Tour and Bassmaster Classic Champion, Bassmaster Elite Pro Jonathon VanDam, and Canadian smallmouth ace Nick Cousvis all share their wisdom on how to put more fish in the boat.

    Targeting Late Fall Smallmouth

    Use these tricks and techniques from Clausen, Cousvis, and VanDam to help you put more fish in the boat!

    Transition Smallmouths

    Smallmouth bass can be caught during fall and early winter by adapting these techniques.

    Weed Fishing with Todd Faircloth

    Here's how to fish matted vegetation during the dog days of summer and the hot weather of early fall.

    Catching Fall Smallmouth on Northern Waters

    Fall in Northern waters is a prime time to catch brown bass in the 5- to 7-pound range. Here's how!

    Fall Bass on the Fly

    If you don't have a fly rod, try flies on your spinning gear or even a light baitcasting outfit this fall. They flat out catch fish.

    Kevin VanDam’s Three Favorite Lures for Fall

    From first downs to falling leaves, autumn is indeed an awesome time of the year to catch bass chomping on baitfish, especially with three lures chosen by Kevin VanDam

    Fishing Weeds for Plenty of Fall Smallmouth

    Bassmaster Elite Series angler Jamie Hartman says smallmouth will use aquatic vegetation almost year-round, though not in the same way. In fall he catches them around scattered clumps, where reaction lures are best.

    Punching Fall Bass

    Successful punching in the weeds during fall depends on paying attention to these details.

    Lead-Core Tactics For Suspended Smallmouths

    Bass anglers may not look at trolling lead-core line as a preferred method for catching bass, but it's a viable alternative for locating suspended fall bass.

    Catching Late Summer/Early Fall River Smallmouth

    Late summer/early fall is a time of transition for smallmouth, and the rivers are low. Here's how to catch those monster smallmouth!

    Solving Indian Summer Fishing

    Although bass can be anywhere in a lake during Indian summer, targeting fish this way is the easiest approach for catching the most bass.

    Swimming Jigs In The Fall

    Catch monster bass on swim jigs using these techniques!

    Fishing Fall Cold Fronts - Greg Hackney's Tips

    Hackney still has a favorable view of fall cold fronts because he knows he can still catch bass with these tricks!