How Should You Organize Your Baits?

Here's a video that answers the age-old question: How do you organize your soft plastics?
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Hi guys. This is Gene Jensen, with I’m going to do a real quick video. Right now, I’m in the process of preparing for a trip I’m going on tomorrow. I’ve got a trip to North Carolina, where I’m going to spend a couple days videoing, and then we got some VIPs coming in and the guides coming in, and we’re going to some train-ups on some new electronics on the boat. I’m getting ready for my 2 days of videoing. This question always comes up on forums: How do you organize your soft plastics? There are tons of different ways to do it; I’m going to share the two things that I do, or one thing that I do now, and one thing that I used to do . . . I did in the past, and probably ought to go back to for certain situations.


To start off with, I like these big Plano boxes for me. I fit 2 of them in the front hatch of my boat. I flip through them; I pretty much know what’s in there because I pack them, and I usually pack them a few days before the trip. I know where things go in these boxes. Another reason why I like them is because I go to a lot of different lakes. I’ve got Lake Oconee, Jackson, Lanier, Clark’s Hill, the lake up in North Carolina. All of them are different animals. Oconee’s one of my favorite lakes; it’s got a ton of docks, but it’s usually pretty stained or muddy. Clark’s Hill is fairly clear; it’s only 15 miles up the road. It’s really clear, 10 to 12-feet visibility. Then you go up to North Carolina where I guide, and it’s that black swamp water. They’re all different animals that require different colors of soft plastics, or need to be tweaked a little bit.


What I do is I pack a box for a lake. If I’m going to go to Oconee and I know I’m going to go, get an advanced notice, 2-3-4 days in advance, I’ll pull out one of these boxes and I’ll repack it for Oconee, and pack the color lures I like; the blacks, the blues, the jig trailers. What else? Things with vibration. I love to take Ragetail baits to that lake because they’ve got a lot of vibration. I flip a lot of docks. I’ll grab my . . . what is this? This is the Striking MegaBug. I’ll grab my flipping baits, my Rage Craws and things like that, things with a lot of vibration. I’ll throw them all into that same one box, but I get them organized. I love these boxes because you can throw 2 rows of soft plastics. I can still fit quite a bit more in here if I wanted to cram them in there. You can easily go in and grab them up.


The way I organize these boxes is I put the big bags in the back. This is the 10-inch thumper worm. I put it in the back, and then I go to the small baits up front. Finesse worms are up front, the small, little 7-inch thumper worms are up front, things like that. I have tubes in here. It just depends on what you’re taking with you. I try to organize them to where I can easily reach in and grab hold of them, thumb through them, figure out what color I want. I don’t mind thumbing through them. A lot of people want to put cards and stuff and over-organize, in my opinion, over-organized. Then I just snatch it up and go to the lake.


The second way I organize, or I used to and I ought to go back to it every once in a while, is these 1-gallon Ziploc freezer bags. Grab one out and you label it. If you’ve got a lot of soft plastics and you’re going in and you’re going to put them in your boat, you get you one of those Tupperware containers; little cheap, $4 Tupperware containers that are as wide as a Ziploc bag and fairly long. Then you take your bags and you label them: Finesse worm, trick worm, craws, punching, flipping, whatever you want to label them, and you start cramming bags of soft plastics down in there. They’ll hold quite a bit of soft plastics. Zip it up and then file it away in that box. Slide that box into your boat.


If you don’t have a boat and you bank fish, you only need 1 or 2 of these. You just take and you label them ‘This is what’s in this one: Finesse, trick worms,’ so on and so forth. You just take your Sharpie and write on them, and label them up and say what’s in it so you can grab this bag out of your backpack. ‘This is what this . . . this has got finesse worms in it.’ Rip it open, pop open a finesse worm thing, put them back in the bag, and it stays organized. It doesn’t get all jumbled up in the bottom of your backpack. One is fine. I usually just take one when I’m bank fishing. Like I said, it just keeps everything together so it doesn’t get thrown all over the bottom of your backpack, and you’re digging for your green pumpkin finesse worms and you can’t find them because they’ve worked their way all the way in the bottom of your bag. You know they’re in here. You just reach in and you grab them.


It’s tough, but you got to understand, the more organized you are . . . my philosophy and a lot of people’s philosophy is the more organized you are, the less time you spend fumbling through your crap and the more time you spend fishing and catching fish. It’s just that easy. It’s just a matter of staying that way. I am not . . . here’s my disclaimer: I am not a very organized person. I’m doing this in here because my garage looks like a disaster area, because pinewood derby season is just coming to an end and I’ve got all the tools. I have parents bring their kids to the house so they can build their pinewood derby cars, so my garage is a disaster right now.


Stay organized, stay fishing, have fun catching fish. Like always, visit for the answer to all your questions about bass fishing. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Check out my new channel page, it’s cool. I’m excited about it. YouTube just changed a few things, and makes it easier for people to find my channel and find my videos. Have a great day.

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