How To Fish The Double Fluke Rig

Learn how to fish the double fluke rig in this video, and start catching more fish!
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Ohh, that's a good fish. This is Gene Jensen with Today, we're going to talk about how to fish a double fluke rig. Double fluke rig isn't that hard to fish. It's just like any other soft, plastic jerkbait. You just have two of them. What I fish it on is I fish it on a 702C Dobyns or any medium-fast action rod.

   And like I said, it's just like really nothing to it. I can make this video in 10 seconds if I needed to, because all you do is just make a cast out, and one thing to remember is this is going to have a lot of wind resistance, so you're liable to backlash a few times until you get your spool set just right. It's just a matter of just jerking it around. It'll pop. Stops and pauses, that's all it is. And you're trying to make it look just like a couple of fish that have gotten away from the school, and they're trying to find their school again.

   Kind of places you fish: You fish it over grass, you fish it through timber, I mean, just about anywhere you fish, in any other fluke or soft plastic jerkbait. Right now, I've got fish that are schooled up all along at the end of this point that sticks way out in the middle of the lake. And they are in the mood to eat bait fish, so I figured I do a double fluke rig and see what happens and as you guys just saw it caught a pretty good fish.

   Just cast it out and we'll pop, pop, pause and pop, pop, pause. You can change your cadence. You can actually just reel it in just like this and see what happens. It just depends on what kind of mood the fish are in. So, basically it's just the pop, pop. Oh yeah. This is a good fish. You just pop, pop, pause it.

   If you want to catch two fish, you'll let the fish go out there and play if the fishes are schooling up. You let him play around a little bit and another fish will come along side him and grab that other bait.

   This is a good sized fish. I'm going to go ahead and bring him in because I do not want to get two of him this size on my rig. Oh yeah. Ha ha. Look at that. That's what a double fluke rig can get you when they're schooling. Four and a half, five. That is a fish!

   Well, like I always say, visit for the answers to all your questions about bass fishing. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You might just learn something. Not a bad little toad. Double fluke rig, baby. Have a great day!

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