Which Pro Is An Alien?

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We asked several pro anglers which one of their peers is an alien. Check out their hilarious responses!

Glenn: Okay, so if I told you that one of the anglers you fish against on the elite tour is for sure an alien, what name comes to mind?

Casey Ashley: Iaconelli.

Glenn: Iaconelli?

Shaw Grigsby: It'd have to be Iaconelli. I mean, just no doubt. He's just...he's out there man.

Casey Ashley: Yeah, Iaconelli. There's two people within one anyway. You got Iaconelli that we get to see and hang out with, and then you got camera Iaconelli.

Shaw Grigsby: And he does...his mood shifts are like...

Glenn: Right, and who does that? Right.

Shaw Grigsby: That's right.

Glenn: It's kind of a two headed monster, right?

Shaw Grigsby: Exactly. He's the nicest a guy could be sitting you and I talking to him. It'd be great. Then all of a sudden, he's like woo. So yeah, got to be.

Glenn: I agree. Got to be.

Jonathan VanDam: Oh, man. I got to go with Hackney.

Glenn: Really?

Jonathan VanDam: Yeah, I like Hackney a lot. Man, he's from Louisiana but he does some funny stuff sometimes. Sometimes you feel like he's a little bit out there, and I've spent a lot of time with him working with Strike King and stuff like that. And he's an all-around good dude, but sometimes you just never know.

Glenn: Who's the first person that comes to mind?

Dean Rojas: You say that and like five names just went, pooh. It's a herd of them. It ain't no family. It's a herd.

Glenn: KBD. Aaron Martens, Edwin Evers, those types of guys. Greg Hackney.

Dean Rojas: It's the land of fruits and nuts out here, I'll tell you. But it's always interesting from Aaron Martens to Iaconelli, and freak Godzilla Van Dam over there. They're all wacked in some way. It's just a matter of what direction they're aiming it at, but they keep it light and they're all good friends of mine, so I can say that. We see each other- I see them more than I see my wife so, it's a...good times, good friends.

Glenn: What name comes to mind?

Takahiro Omari: Kevin VanDam.

Glenn: Kevin VanDam. He's an animal, isn't he?

Takahiro Omari: Just no brainer. He's alien.

Glenn: Yeah, okay.

Ish Monroe: Everybody's going to say Aaron Martens.

John Crews: I'd say Aaron Martens, for sure.

Ish Monroe: I mean that dude there, he catches them better than anybody else does. You can't understand a word that he's saying.

John Crews: When he talks, he doesn't talk in complete sentences. And mainly it's because his mind's going a thousand miles an hour.

Ish Monroe: And one thing if you ever watch this guy, he fishes about half as much as everybody else does. VanDam fishes twice as much. Aaron fishes half as much as everybody else does and wins.

Glenn: It's probably the foot thing too, right?

John Crews: Yeah, I don't know what the heck he's wearing. They're like gloves for your feet or something.

Glenn: He's got the thought thing going on with the fish, doesn't he?

Ish Monroe: Right, exactly. He just sometime telepath them into biting his lure and coming in the boat.

Mark Zona: What's weird is, you can go Aaron, because that's a layup. It's a low-hanging fruit. He's a very unique individual. I spend a lot of time with him, but I'll tell you one that flies under the radar, of more of a predator alien. You look at a guy like Greg Hackney, and I don't know if you'd say. I going to actually leave your first question, just because I have A.D.D. He's more of an animal, if you look at Greg Hackney. You're more of an animal as the sun goes down, too. But I would say those two, I'm guessing that I am not the only one that has said that.

Glenn: Not at all, no.

Mark Zona: That does not surprise me.

Glenn: It comes up very often you know.

Mark Zona: I'll be honest with you, Tommy Sanders is so darn good at his job, I would put him in an alien class. So those three people, Sanders, Aaron Martens, Greg Hackney. Do you see the pageantry? Thank you.

Greg Hackney: You know if I said...I figured 95% of everyone has said Iaconelli. Yeah. Yeah. I hit that nail on the head. Or Aaron Martens.

Glenn: Aaron. Yeah

Greg Hackney: Yeah, it's a swap up between the two, I would say.

Glenn: The foot thing is...

Greg Hackney: Yeah, and the smell.

Glenn: Yeah, you can't get that on a magazine so...