Fishing Techniques

From deep to shallow water, and from Texas rigs to Carolina rigs, discover in-depth information for all types of techniques.  These articles will help you become a better angler. 

Become A Better Angler

There's a lot to learn from these articles. This is information you can use the entire year!

The Difference-Makers

What separates pros from weekend anglers when it comes to catching bass? Four pros point out the differences they see, so weekend anglers can focus on them and catch more bass.

Doing This Will Make You a Much Better Bass Angler, Guaranteed

If you’re really serious about being a better fisherman, don’t moan about not doing this sooner – do it now!

Pros’ List Top Tips and Mistakes

The following lists are the pros top tips and the biggest mistakes they see many anglers make. Are you guilty?

How's Your Bass Persona?

Bass anglers, are always trying to improve the techniques they use. But they might be overlooking the most important thing.

Versatility Is A Virtue

You’ll catch more bass surfing seasonal movements and daily conditions than swimming against them. Here's how.

Learning New Tactics

Attempting to learn new ways to fish can be very frustrating. Here are some tips to make the process easier.

The Learning Curve

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, advanced or one of the best pro anglers in the nation, you can always learn more.

How I Became a Good Bass Fisherman

Read this article. Before you know it you will be doing things from instinct, and catching fish when others can't.

Timeless Fishing Tips

There have been many great achievers in our sport. Here are some bass tips gleaned from pros going back to the mid- 50's.

Attitude Adjustment

In your next tournament forget about finding secret lures, secret spots or getting lucky. Here's the most important thing.

Developing and Retaining Fishing Confidence

Confidence in bass fishing can take years to build but only one day to break it down. Here's how to keep that from happening.

Open Minded

Most bass fishermen get locked into certain beliefs concerning bass fishing. Buck the trend and catch more bass.

Adapting On the Water

Most successful tournament anglers have to be versatile. They must be able to adjust to the bass throughout the day.

Be Versatile

If you want to become a better tournament angler, you need to fish all types of water conditions and locations.

The Success Formula

What is the key to a successful day on the water? How can you become more consistent? The answer is inside.

Factoring Out Luck

Want to do better at tournaments? Learn from 4-time Classic winner Rick Clunn how he consistently catches fish.

Visualization: Seeing Is Believing!

Bass anglers have one of the most powerful tools available to them, but very few take advantage of it. Discover the secret inside.

Thirteen Kinds of Bass Anglers

Every fisherman is every one of these personalities all at once. Which one are you today?

Smallmouth Tips

Techniques and tips you can use throughout the year to catch more smallmouth bass!

Mining For Bronze

Catching smallmouths can be a snap if you can predict their pattern. Follow these tips and you'll catch some quality bass.

Iaconelli on How To Catch Smallmouth from Bald Spots

Want to catch monster smallmouths? Then use these tips from Mike Iaconelli!

Five Moves To Giant Smallies

These two expert anglers have caught smallmouth bass over 7 pounds. Follow their approaches to land your own.

Finding Smallmouth Bass On New Lakes

Put these tactics in your arsenal, and put some quality smallmouth bass in your livewell as a result.

A Lesson From Our Brothers In The North

Take a page from walleye anglers and put more smallmouth in your boat!

JVD: Choose Smallmouth Rod Actions Carefully

Honing his bass fishing skills on smallmouth in lakes around his Kalamazoo, Mich. home, pro angler Jonathon VanDam offers up some advice on the right rods for key techniques.

The Next World Record Smallmouth Bass

Which body of water is the prime candidate for producing the next World Record Smallmouth Bass?

Shattering the River Smallmouth Stigma

For many anglers, river fishing is the bain of their bass fishing game. Never fear, VanDam and Zona teamed up to share their river fishing logic and help you put the odds in your favor.

Shallow River Smallmouth

Enjoyable days can be had in shallow rivers and streams. These bodies of water can produce great fishing if you take the right measures. Here's how.

Finessing Finicky Smallmouth

Here are three sure-fire approaches that will put the weariest smallmouth in the boat.

Swim Jigs Are Not Just For Largemouth

After spending the long winter in the depths, smallies cannot wait to get into the shallows to put on the feed bag. Here's a unique way to catch them!

Feel the Burn for Smallmouths

Warming temperatures and consistent weather patterns put smallies on full attack mode. Here's a great way to search and destroy!

The Skinny On Shallow Smallmouth

Don’t fret if fishing deep water isn’t your thing. Bassmaster Elite Series pros Chad Grigsby and Chad Pipkens explain how and when you can catch big smallmouth from shallow water.

Tactics For Summer River Smallies

Few things top a float down a meandering river on a hot summer day with your toes dangling in the water, especially if there's feisty smallmouths tugging on the end of your line.

Dog Days Smallmouths

Dog day smallmouths are no pushovers. If they suddenly disappear from your favorite springtime haunts, then you need to do this.

The Jig Is Up For Smallmouths

To really take advantage of the versatility of jigs, you need to know what jig works best and when. We explain inside.

Transition Smallmouths

Smallmouth bass can be caught during fall and early winter by adapting these techniques.

The Crawdad Connection

If you’re headed to any of the country’s top smallmouth waters better go prepared with a good assortment of crawdad imitating lures. Here's what you need to know.

Deep Dropping for Fall Smallmouth Bass

Even in the most northern climes the bass season lasts a lot longer than most people think. It's time to catch some lunkers.

Making Sense of Scents for Smallmouths

Should you include scents in your fish-catching equation? If so, why? Discover insights inside.

Catching Smallmouth In Streams

Find a stream near you to experience a fun and inexpensive way to catch smallmouth bass this year. Here's how.

Jonathon VanDam’s Five Favorite Smallmouth Lures

Here’s a look at VanDam’s five favorite lures for catching smallmouth bass, and how to fish them.

Finding and Catching Smallmouth Bass

Just about everybody loves to catch a smallmouth, and these tips will help you do just that.

Five Tactics For Early Season Smallmouth

From ice out until post spawn these five techniques are deadly on smallmouths.

Refining Drop-Shotting

Drop shotting has become the go-to technique for smallmouth bass fishing. Here are advanced techniques that will catch more bass!

Smallmouths by the Calendar

In early spring in the north, with water temperatures still cold where do you start looking? Find out inside!

Texas and Carolina Rigs

Some of the most productive tactics for catching monster bass!

Texas Rig Fishing

The Texas Rig is one of the most versatile rigs for fishing, and it's been catching bass for decades! Learn all about Texas rig fishing.

Carolina Rig vs. Texas Rig

Carolina rig vs. Texas rig: Both will catch bass, but how do you decide which to use based on the conditions you're confronting? Find out inside!

3 Rigs You Ought To Learn

Want to do better the next time you go fishing? Here are three rigs you should be using!

The Texas Rigged Plastic Worm

This in-depth article will help you become a better worm fisherman in less time. Part I in a series.

The Texas Rigged Plastic Worm Pt. II

We go into detail about rigging and fishing the texas rigged worm. If you want to catch more bass, then read this!

Carolina Rigs - Going Deep

If you can't find bass shallow, don't hesitate to switch to a Carolina rig. It casts far, sinks fast, and combs water quickly.

The Double Tap - Fishing For The Second Hit

Catch more fish by mastering the fine art of the Double Tap.

Three New Ways To Use Old Soft Plastic Rigs

Here are three unusual and productive ways to use common rigs to catch more fish!

Rigs For All Reasons

Learn these four rigs, and you should have an excellent arsenal on every trip to any lake anywhere in the U.S.

The Game Is Rigged!

The Texas and Carolina rigs are two of the most productive worm fishing rigs today. Find out how to use them inside.

The Versatile Carolina Rig

The advantages of the Carolina rig far outweigh the Texas rig when fished in water 20 feet or deeper. Here's how.

Texas Versus Carolina

Both of these rigs catch bass far beyond their namesake states. The key to maximizing their potential is knowing how, when and where to fish each.

Texas Rigs Top to Bottom

The Texas rig is one of the most versatile ways to fish for bass. Here are some of the most productive ways to fish it.

Six Ways to Trick Out a Finesse Worm

Use these tips to help you put fish in the boat by adding just enough flair to get you noticed.

Texas Rigs for Soft Plastics - Brent Chapman

Any time he is flipping or pitching into heavy cover, B.A.S.S. angler Brent Chapman favors using a Texas rig for his soft plastics. Here's why.

Tips for Fishing the Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig is an old school technique, but it is one of the most versatile rigs around. Tie one on and see what happens.

Fishing the Old Ball and Chain

The Carolina Rig (C-Rig) has been around for decades, and for good reason - it catches bass! Here are several different ways to use it.

Flipping, Pitching, and Skipping

These techniques will often catch bass when all others fail. Learning as much as you can about them will increase your success!

Power Fishing: Flipping and Pitching

Top bass pro Mike Iaconelli explains how to perfect his favorite technique. A Exclusive!

Spinning Tackle Skipping with Shaw Grigsby

Whether keying on specific targets or cruising bass, follow Shaw Grigsby’s lead and put some skip into your casts to trigger more strikes.

Flipping and Pitching Explained

The next time traditional fishing techniques aren't working, why not give flipping or pitching a try?

Flipping and Pitching to Weed Out Bass

Matted aquatic vegetation is probably the toughest cover to penetrate and haul out bass from their weedy hideouts. Here's how.

Have A Fling

Pitching is one of the most important techniques you will ever use while bass fishing. Here's how to utilize this skill.

Shorten Up Your Game

You will see how effective toe-to-toe bassin' is, and how fun it is to catch bass by flipping and pitching a jig.

Baitcast Skipping To Tight Spots

Learning how to skip with a baitcaster gives you more options, and more fish!

Skipping The Surface

When pitching and flipping just won't get your bait where you want it, skipping may be the technique for you.

10 Ways to Improve Your Flipping and Pitching

These techniques are important weapons in every successful bass angler’s arsenal. They’re even more potent with these tweaks.

Flipping and Pitching With Mark Menendez

Pro Mark Menendez outlines the top three mistakes anglers make when flipping and pitching.

Structure, Channels, Bluffs, and Drop-Offs

Learning how to fish various structure is key to success. We show you how!

Drop-offs and Creeks

Channels and drop-offs are very important structures in bass habitat. Here's how to fish them!

Fishing Deep Water Structure

Learning how to fish deep water, and especially learning how to locate great deep-water structure, will definitely help you catch more and better bass.

Deep Water Structure

Deep water fishing is probably the most misunderstood type of fishing out there. Michael Iaconelli demystifies it inside!

Structure: The Often Misunderstood Key to Locating Fish

Want to find fish? Then you need to do this.


Want to catch big bass? This article teaches you when and how to fish bluff banks for quality tournament limits.

Bluffing at Bull Shoals

Bluffs hold fish year round. And when you find yourself in a conundrum … you better lean on the rock.

Cranking Bass on Deep-Water Structure - The Paul Elias Way!

Paul Elias takes you to the tackle store, outfits you with the proper equipment, and then teaches you the fundamentals of deep-water structure fishing for bass.

Cranking Bass on Deep-Water Structure - The Paul Elias Way! (Part II)

Paul Elias explains the techniques for discovering and catching schools of large bass around a single piece of deep cover.

Keep Them In The Crosshairs

Finding bass is the key to consistent catches, but we often do it wrong. Here's why.

How To Fish A One-Tonner

If you don’t know how to fish a one-tonner, then you're missing out on big bass action! Here's how.

Bridges Over Fertile Water

As simple as the structures may appear to be from above, focusing on the structure beneath will give you a decisive advantage.

Fishing Bridges

Don't turn a cold shoulder to bass fishing’s most obvious structure. You could be missing out on the mother load!

How Ike Marks the Sweet Spot

Marker buoys are the most precise means we have to mark a sweet spot. Mike Iaconelli teaches you how to use them inside!

Fishing The Flats

Flats offer some of the best fishing in any lake. We explain how to find and catch the mother lode on flats.

Making A Good Point

Learning how to fish points effectively includes knowing how bass use them and then using that to your advantage.

Lunker-Locating Electronics

Summer fishing is a process of elimination, and good electronics will speed up the process. Here's how to find and catch them!

Locating Offshore Hotspots

Offshore structure fishing can be tedious, but it also can be very rewarding. Hank Parker explains how to do it.

What's the Difference between Structure and Cover?

Understanding the roles of cover for different sizes of different species of fish will help you become much more productive.

In Deep with John Murray

Learn from pro John Murray how he's been catching deep-structure fish for years.

7 Must-Know Tips For Bass Fishing On Riprap Banks

These strategically placed stones may feel like just another border marker in the lake, but when fished correctly, they can be your new honeyhole. Here's how.

Fly Fishing For Bass

Catching bass on a fly is some of the most fun you'll ever have!  Here's how to succeed!

Fly-Rodding for Bass

Undertake a new challenge that will pay dividends in the thrills and catches 'traditional' bass anglers are missing out on.

Want To Fly Fish For Bass?

You’ll invest more in practice than equipment to add this technique to your bass-fishing arsenal, but the payoff is worth it.

Bass On The Long Rod

Tangling with a 3 or 4-pound bulldogging smallie on the long rod is a hoot. Here's how.

Designing Fly-Fishing Heaven

What makes an ultimate fly-fishing body of water? Take a look inside to see!

Leapin' Largemouths

If you flyfish for bass, there's one lure you should never leave home without. Find out inside.

Bass On The Fly

Every bass angler could enjoy more success by adding a fly rod to their arsenal. Learn how to catch bass on a fly inside.

The Float-N-Fly In Depth

The float N fly technique will catch them on the nastiest, toughest days of the year - even during winter. Here's how!

River Fishing

Learning to read current and using it to locate fish is critical to your success.  Here's how to fish rivers and streams for bass!

River Bass

When you fully understand a river, and how it works, it holds the key to all other bass fishing.

Try The River This Summer

When summer fishing gets tough, try river bass fishing. Here's how to catch them during the hottest part of the summer.

Shattering the River Smallmouth Stigma

For many anglers, river fishing is the bain of their bass fishing game. Never fear, VanDam and Zona teamed up to share their river fishing logic and help you put the odds in your favor.

Shallow River Smallmouth

Enjoyable days can be had in shallow rivers and streams. These bodies of water can produce great fishing if you take the right measures. Here's how.

Current Events

River bass are controlled by their surroundings, which are always in motion. Here’s how to catch them and not be washed downstream.

Tactics For Summer River Smallies

Few things top a float down a meandering river on a hot summer day with your toes dangling in the water, especially if there's feisty smallmouths tugging on the end of your line.

River Bass Fishing

Some great tips to help you catch bass in rivers. We break down location, lure type, color selection and tidal charts.

True Confessions of a River Rat

River fishing can be tough to learn. Here's how to catch huge bass on your local river or stream!

Catching Smallmouth In Streams

Find a stream near you to experience a fun and inexpensive way to catch smallmouth bass this year. Here's how.

The Dropshot Rig

The dropshot rig is a big-time producer throughout the entire year! Here's how to maximize your results!

Drop Shot Hooks Angler

Let the fish tell you what they want and become a better angler with the drop shot rig.

Drop Shot Fishing

Drop shot fishing: The hottest rigging technique for catching big bass year round. Learn about dropshot fishing here!

The Drop on Dropshotting

Here's detailed information on how tournament pros use the rig to score victories in major pro-am events.

Feeding Finicky Bass

Here's step-by-step instructions on tying the dropshot rig, along with a few useful tips too! Learn the drop shot rig here!

Always Lucky

Dropshotting does too many things right. Find out inside why the people who use it are "Always Lucky".

Deep Water Dropshotting

Want to catch more bass? Here's some tips to help you immediately on your next deep-water bass trip.

The Finesse Worm and Drop-Shotting

Learn to use the drop-shot technique to fill the livewell with limit after limit of fish. Here's how!

Rigs For All Reasons

Learn these four rigs, and you should have an excellent arsenal on every trip to any lake anywhere in the U.S.

The Dropshot Rig

Here's illustrated instructions on how to rig the dropshot rig.

Drop Shots: #1 for Numbers of Bass

Drop shots excel at quickly filling tournament limits with quality keeper bass. Here's how to use them from summer through fall.

Drop Shotting For Cruising Bass

When top touring pros see bass cruising in the shallows they rely on a finesse technique normally used for catching deep bass.

Deep Dropping for Fall Smallmouth Bass

Even in the most northern climes the bass season lasts a lot longer than most people think. It's time to catch some lunkers.

Advanced Dropshotting

Here are 20 questions you were afraid to ask about dropshotting, but just have to know! Learn more now.

Dropshotting in Shallow Water

Think drop shotting is just for deep, clear water lakes? Think again! You could catch big bass!

Drop-Shot Tactics and Tips

Here are some of the best dropshot tips garnered from top pros over the past twenty-five years or so.

Refining Drop-Shotting

Drop shotting has become the go-to technique for smallmouth bass fishing. Here are advanced techniques that will catch more bass!

Drop Shotting with Jordan Lee

Classic champion Jordan Lee reveals his best dropshot techniques for catching huge bass!

Finesse Fishing

Finesse fishing tactics often work best when all others fail. You can catch some monster bass if you master these techniques!

Is Bigger Always Better?

Big baits equal big fish, right? Not always! Small baits can catch huge bass too. We show you how inside.

Getting Small

Using small lures is not for everyone and it does not work all the time. But under certain conditions, it can pay real dividends.

Small Baits, Big Rewards

On your next fishing trip, don't forget about the little baits, because they definitely have their place and time in your fishing success.

The Split Shot Rig

The split shot rig is a deadly tactic on lethargic bass. Perhaps one of the best places to utilize this rig is...

Finesse On A Split Shot Rig (Splitshotting 101)

Being good at split shotting takes concentration and skill, and that pays off by improving your overall fishing prowess. Here's how!

Drift & Drag: Patience A Priority

The Drift & Drag, sometimes labeled boring and slow, can load the boat if done properly. Discover the secrets inside.

Learning How To Slow Down

Patience can sometimes be the key to catching monster bass. But there's more to it than just that. Here's why.

Finesse Fishing with Terry Scroggins

Terry Scroggins explains how he caught more than half the keepers he hauled to the B.A.S.S. scales using finesse techniques and a spinning reel.

Finesse Fishing Tricks

Slow, easy and yet incredibly deadly, finesse techniques work when other methods fail. This article details how to use finesse tactics.

Finesse Fishing

If there is a truly misunderstood bass tactic, Finesse fishing is it. We demystify the technique to help you catch more bass.

Try The Finesse Side Of Bassin

Lighten up a little. Finesse bassin holds the key to success when the bite gets tough. We show you how.

Sissy Sticks and Giggy Bass

Jig worming is a technique to try when other presentations fail. Here's how to coax even the most wary bass into biting.

Ultralight Fishing

When fishing gets this tough and you're faced with a fishless day, sometimes all you can do is go to light tackle.

The Truth About Light Tackle

Light tackle fishing does not necessarily mean you have to use tiny baits and wimpy rods. Discover what we mean inside.

The Resurgence of Doing Nothing

Many anglers simply do not have the patience to fish this technique, but when the going gets tough, it's a proven producer.

Finesse Baits for Pre-Spawn Bass

Most of the time, you’ll downsize your lures when finesse fishing, but the most important thing is technique. Discover how to catch prespawn bass with finesse techniques in this article.

Fishing Finesse Worms with John Murray

Discover how you can use finesse worms in any body water to catch tons of bass! Pro John Murray reveals his secrets!

Six Ways to Trick Out a Finesse Worm

Use these tips to help you put fish in the boat by adding just enough flair to get you noticed.

The Jig Is Up For Smallmouths

To really take advantage of the versatility of jigs, you need to know what jig works best and when. We explain inside.

Favorite Power-Fishing Lures Have A Softer Side

Small worms aren’t the only option when conditions force you to finesse fish. Here are five lures that you should throw when the bite is tough.

Micro Tactics For Bass

You wouldn’t think that something this tiny would even interest a bass, but they do. I’m talking about catching 4- and 5-pound bass or larger

Wacky Jigheads Are Serious Bass Catchers

Rigging soft-plastic lures through the middle is a time-tested presentation. Using a specially designed weighted jighead adds a twist that catches more bass from more places.

Finesse Jig Fishing With Brian Maloney

Discover why the finesse jig is the 365-day-a-year jig.

Bank Fishing, Float Tubes, and Back Seat Fishing

You don't have to own a boat to catch bass.  There are many inexpensive and enjoyable options.  Here's how to master them!

Belly Up to the Bass!

Tube fishing isn't for everyone, but if you haven't tried it you'll never know how pleasant it can be. The fishing can be extraordinary.

Float Tube Fishing

Many anglers enjoy fishing from float tubes. They can fish hard-to-reach lakes, get away from crowds, and become better anglers.

Float Tubing For Bass

Float tubes are some of the most overlooked weapons in the bass fishing arsenal. Learn to float tube, and see what you've been missing.

Shoreline Bassin

Do you think you're at a disadvantage fishing from the bank? Truth is, you can have a much higher success ratio than those in boats.

How To Fish A Spot From The Bank

Yes you can be very successful fishing from the bank! Here's how!

Bank Fishing

Fishing from the bank doesn't have to be a disadvantage. If you are observant, patient, and flexible, you can catch big bass!

You Can Bank On It

Bank fishing is a great way to catch fish. Find out how to do it and see how bank fishing can make you a better angler.

No Boat, No Problem!

Fishing from the back seat of the boat doesn't mean you'll catch less fish. Put the odds in your favor when you try these tips.

Back Seat Strategies

Life in the backseat is not always what you expect nor is it always what you like. Sometimes it's better than you can imagine!

Success From The Back Of The Boat

You can be effective from the back of the boat. Be observant and you will be surprised at how many fish you can catch.

Sneaky Tricks For Shore Anglers

If you’re boatless, here are some tips to make you a better angler than Hank Parker was before he bought his first boat:

Shallow River Smallmouth

Enjoyable days can be had in shallow rivers and streams. These bodies of water can produce great fishing if you take the right measures. Here's how.

Kayak Angling – 7 Tips For Mastering Control And Catching More Fish

Once you’ve mastered these seven kayak fishing tips, you will be a master on the water, fishing laps around everyone on the bank and the boat!

Gear Up For Bank Fishing

There’s no room for one-hit wonders when you have to carry all your tackle. Here’s how to get the most from the least amount of gear when bank fishing for bass.

Pond Fishing

Learn these pond tactics for some giant bass!

Pond Fishing

When fishing a small pond, tactics lend themselves to the finesse approach. Mini-boats and baits rule.

Big Lessons Swim In Small Waters

Small lakes and rivers can help you become a better bass angler faster. Here's why.

Small Ponds For Big Bass

So what should you expect when fishing small bodies of water and what should you use to catch fish? Find out inside!

Bass In Small Places

While the mere size of ponds would seem to dictate they’re not capable of producing trophy bass, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Sneaky Pond Tactics

Bass are bass, but the pond environment is considerably different and thus requires different tactics. Here's how to be successful.

Fun Fishing and Farm Ponds

Ponds, people and places like these remind you with the spirit of adventure, and great fishing!

How To Find Fish

Finding fish is crucial to success. Take these lessons and apply them to your own fishing!

Bass in a Basket: Look Closer

Lots of lures catch fish, but location means the most. Learn how to find bass from George Kramer. A exclusive!

JVD’s Top Five Tips for Breaking Down Northern Natural Lakes

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, a weekend warrior or an aspiring pro, here are his top five tips for attacking northern waterways.

How To Find Bass On New Lakes

Connecticut angler Paul Mueller has found much bass tournament success — including qualifying for two Bassmaster Classics — far from his home. Here’s how he becomes familiar with unfamiliar waters.

Learning New Lakes

Here's how to get a crash course on a new lake and learn the local's secrets when you have a tournament or are just going fishing.

Solving the Big Water Puzzle

Big bodies of water can be intimidating for anglers. Where do you start? What do you throw? We help solve the riddle inside.

Unfamiliar Waters

With a little knowledge and preparation, any angler can approach a new lake with enthusiasm and confidence.

A New Approach

Fishing a new lake can be pleasant, or not. It takes proper preparation in order to increase your odds of a pleasant experience.

Approaching New Water

If you're planning a trip to a new lake, you can greatly increase your chances of catching fish by following these tips.

Fishing Unfamiliar Lakes

Many fisherman experience the frustration of fishing for bass in unfamiliar lakes. Here are a few tips, tricks and tactics to help you out.

Where's The Bass?

Don't know what look for when it comes to locating bass when you're on a new lake? Discover the best places to start inside!

Fish Don't Tweet

Here's how to find and catch bass in small lakes and ponds year round!

How to Cover Water

Following these tips in order will produce results and raise your fishing skills to the next level.

Finding A Seasonal Pattern

Seasonal patterns determine where you should be fishing. Your most important asset for developing a seasonal pattern is...

How To Develop A Pattern

If you've ever wanted to learn more about developing fishing patterns, this is something you need to read!

Just How Long Is Long Enough?

How long should you spend time with a certain bait or at a location when fishing for bass? Find out inside.

10 Tips For Success

There are about 10 basic rules that you should use if you wish to succeed on unfamiliar waters.

Deep Water Jig and Pig

The jig is one of the best baits you can use to not only catch deep bass but to figure out where they are located.

Understanding Lake Maps

The trick to lake maps is knowing how to read them. This article will help you understand how to read a lake map effectively.

Charting Your Catch

How do you know what a good lake map looks like? How can a map help you catch more fish? We answer these questions inside.

School Success

Your best chance for the most reproducible fishing is when you have uncovered the riddles associated with schooling bass.


You're planning your fishing day as you head towards the lake. Where will you start fishing and why? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Small Waters, Big Bass

Fish your lake as if it's small and you'll be amazed at how much more you'll know about it by the end of the day.

How To Establish A Pattern

Discover what establishing a pattern means, and how making (sometimes subtle) changes to your presentation can lead to success!

Establishing A Pattern

Often mentioned, but rarely explained, establishing a pattern is a goal of every serious bass angler.

Run & Gun vs. Stay & Play

Personal style and environmental circumstances are determining factors in a pro angler's decision on where and how to fish.

Weekday vs. Weekend Bass

Don't get stuck on weekday fishing patterns when the weekend rolls around. You'll probably need to...

Weekend Bass Strategies

Weekend fishing requires sneaky tactics. However, if anglers fish a little smarter, they’ll enjoy those weekends much more.

Stubborn Saturday Bass

If the action begins to slow as the weekend develops, adjust your lure presentations and...

Tracking Bass Movements

Being aware of the circumstances that cause bass to move and preparing to move with them, will make you a more successful angler.

Use The Internet To Catch More Bass

Log on today and begin improving your knowledge of the sport of bass fishing. Here's how.

Seeing is Believing

Electronics give anglers an important underwater view, but they don’t see everything. Sometimes your eye is the best fish-finder.

Top 5 Spots for Finding Bass Quickly

The next time you're in a pinch trying to find a few biting bass, give these locations a try. You might catch a big bass!

Top to Bottom Bass Fishing

Whether fishing on top or 20 feet deep, discover the secrets to catching bass in all depths.

Using Online Resources to Catch More Fish

By using readily available online tools to perform a little research off the water, you can improve your strategy on the water.

Fishing In The Wind And Rain

You can't control the weather. Might as well learn how to work with it. Here's how!

When The Wind Blows

When high winds change your fishing tactics, make sure you have more than one area selected to fish.

The Wind Factor

Don't let the wind ruin your fishing. Use it to your advantage instead. Here's how!


Wind is our friend. When you learn how to use it rather than fight it, your catching will improve. Here's how!

Managing The Wind

Fishing in the wind takes a lot of patience and persistence. Here's how to manage the wind to your advantage.

Wind: Friend or Foe?

To consistently catch fish, a fisherman needs to be adept at fishing in all types of weather, windy days included.

Fishing With The Wind

Don't let your attitude defeat you if the weatherman predicts a windy fishing day, instead try using some of these tips.

Caution To The Wind

A high wind is a menace, not to mention a deadly threat to boaters, campers and others who spend time in the outdoors.

Bass Fishing In The Rain

What tactics should you use during a heavy rain? How does rising water and muddy conditions affect fishing? We tell you inside!

Dealing With The Wind

If you want to become a proficient angler, you need to find ways to still catch fish when the wind is blowing. Here's how.

Making the Wind Your Friend

Next time it starts gusting while you’re on the water, try these tips and techniques. They may pay off for you big time.

Slinging In The Rain

Many people think a dark, dreary rainy day is prefect for curling up on the sofa with a good book. Savvy anglers know that it’s an even better day to be slinging in the rain.

Fishing in the Rain

Rainy days shouldn’t get you down. They are some of the best for fishing once you understand how precipitation affects the water, the bass and you.

Favorable Winds

Bass bite in a breeze, so don’t let one spin you out. While you can’t control the wind, adjusting your tackle, technique and boat control makes it manageable.

Catching Bass In The Rain

Some of the best fishing can be had on rainy days. Here's how to maximize your opportunities.

Cold Fronts and Other Tough Conditions

Learning how to fish cold fronts and other tough conditions is an awesome way to salvage a tough fishing day!

Cold Fronts

Fishing in post front conditions can be tough. Discover the key to catching fish after the passing of a cold front.

After The Rain

A heavy rain passes through followed by bright sunny skies. How will this affect fishing? Find out inside.

Techniques For When Times Are Tough

Discover detailed information for developing successful strategies when encountering tough fishing conditions.

Fishing The Worst Conditions

Better anglers learn to adapt to the conditions and figure them out. Here's how to do it.

Suspended Bass

One of the worst conditions that strikes fear into most bass fishermen's souls is suspended fish. Here's how to overcome that fear.

When Bass Suspend

Fishing for suspended bass can be very productive if you adjust your presentation accordingly. Discover how!

Clear Water Bass

What do you think of when someone mentions clear water? Do you cringe? Clear water has always been considered difficult to fish.

Clear-Water Tactics

If you think it's too hard to catch bass in clear water, think again. Here's how to catch them.

Muddy Water

They say cold muddy water is an angler's worst nightmare. Here's how you can turn a bad situation into a productive day.

Know Thy Enemy

The next time you find yourself in a battle with uncooperative bass, follow these tips to improve your results!

Horizontal Jigging

The next time the going gets tough on your favorite fishing hole, try this technique and you might just load the boat!

My Panic Box

Classic champion Mike Iaconelli reveals the baits that will definitely help you put some fish in the boat!

Assessing Suspended Bass Conditions

One of the toughest fishing situations an angler can face is suspended fish. But that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to catch.

Floating Worms For Suspended Bass

Suspended bass can be attracted to strike using a trick I’ve found to be incredibly successful, as well as a lot of fun.

How To Handle Pressured Lakes

Stumped by the indignant behavior bass develop when confronted with heavy fishing pressure. Hank reveals how to catch them!

Handling Tough Tournament Conditions

When tournament conditions are tough, top pros rely on two techniques. We explain what they are inside.

City Bass Fishing

Fishing in urban areas can be tough sometimes.  These techniques put you ahead and help you catch more bass!

Urban Bass

Industrial or urban areas frequently offer opportunities to target fish that few people consider catching.

Backyard Hotspots

Retention ponds offer a simple way to get your line in the water, and even catch some quality fish. Here's how.

Bass Fishing at Urban Lakes

Take a break from conventional urban pursuits and go bass fishing right near your house! Here's how.

Traffic Jam!

Few anglers take boat traffic into consideration as part of their game plan. But that would be a mistake.

Boats and Bass

For a lot of bass anglers, boat traffic is a bane to fishing. But boat traffic can sometimes have a positive effect on fishing.

Urban Bass Fishing

If you can’t get out on the lake, you can still catch bass in unusual places - and many times they can be quality bass!

Changing Water Levels

Top producing tactics to combat changing water levels.

Four On The Fall

Dropping water levels got you down? A quartet of pro anglers reveal their secrets for fishing falling water.

Is The Drought Getting You Down?

If you decide to shy away from the lake during a draw down, you may be missing out on some really great fishing.

Fishing Tidal Waters

Tidal water is just another of the many obstacles anglers face. Here's how to adapt to win.

Fishing Floods and Drawdowns

Falling and rising waters are a given, and the best bass fishermen have learned to deal with it. Their secrets are revealed inside.

Bass Fishing in Tidal Waters

Florida guide Captain Frank Bourgeois shows you why tidal waters can be more productive than you might think.

The Ups and Downs of Water Levels

Like available cover and prey, water level influences bass. You’ll catch more by knowing where to fish when it’s high or low.

Catching Bass During A Drought

Fishing on lakes suffering from droughts can be a good news/bad news deal for bass anglers. Find out what they are inside.

How To Fish Weeds, Grass, Docks, And Other Cover

Awesome techniques for fishing common cover. These articles reveal the best ways to catch absolute giants!

Fishing The Green Stuff

If you find good growths of various types of vegetation on a lake, you can find bass somewhere around or in it during the day.

Bass In The Trash

Getting at bass where they live can take some gear, techniques, and know-how, some of which is rather far out.

Catching Bass From Emergent Grass

Big bass love aquatic grass, especially the emergent varieties. Here’s how to find the most productive stretches and fish them.

How To Fish The Weeds

Perhaps the easiest and most reliable place to find fish is in the weeds. Discover how to effectively fish the weeds inside.

How Terry “Big Show” Scroggins Fishes Aquatic Vegetation

A lot of fishermen become immediately overwhelmed by a lake full of vegetation. But really, it’s as simple as...

The Finer Points of Punching Mats

Here's how to catch bass that lurk in seemingly endless acres of grass mats.

Good Wood

What makes one dock or log better than another? You'll know when you consider these few factors.

Dock Fishing 101

These tips will help you to catch bass from one of the greatest places to catch them from, docks!

Expand your dock fishing

Dock fishing is more than pitching jigs to pilings. Use these other approaches to catch more bass.

North Country Docks

Don't be concerned about fishing behind other anglers, remember these tips and there's still a good chance you'll load the boat!

Attacking Wooden Docks

The next time you are out on your home waters, check around for the oldest wooden docks, and start fishing them like this.

Bass and Cover

How does a Classic Champion pick apart cover and maximize his fishing results? Find out from Michael Iaconelli.

What's the Difference between Structure and Cover?

Understanding the roles of cover for different sizes of different species of fish will help you become much more productive.

Dock Fishing with Casey Scanlon

Docks are productive year-round, so here are tips on how to fish this type of cover throughout the four seasons.

Bill Lowen on Fishing Grass

When the grass is green and thick, use these techniques to trick bass into biting.

Fishing Submerged Grass

This underwater cover will produce bass year-round once you learn to find and fish it.

Boat Docks for Bass

Give these dock fishing tips a try and you might just catch a few more bass on your next trip.

Bassin’ In The Grass

Determining which type of grass or weeds the bass prefer is a big step towards finding the right location and defining a pattern. Here's how.

Brian Snowden on Spooning Docks

Spooning for dock bass produces both numbers of fish and quality bass. Here's how to do it.

How To Catch Big Bass (Trophy Bass Fishing)

Trophy bass fishing requires a unique approach.  These articles teach you how to catch absolute giants!

The Next World Record Smallmouth Bass

Which body of water is the prime candidate for producing the next World Record Smallmouth Bass?

Catching Trophy Bass

Some people have knack for catching huge bass. What about you? Learn a few of their secrets inside.

A Fish Called Wanda

Big bait, big fish? Any truth to that? Here's proof that big bass prefer their meals super-sized.

The Hope Chronicles

One man's lifetime of big bass knowledge is revealed, enabling you to catch some really huge bass!

Tracking Trophy Bass

Weather trends will always effect fish movements and patterns. All you have to know is how to find them and fish for them.

Are You Ready For Fishin' Outside The Box?

Want to catch huge bass? Learn from the master, Paul Duclos, who consistently catches double-digit bass!

Slow Down

If you want to catch big bass, you have to slow down. Here are some pointers to help you out.

Catching Bigger Bass

If you expect to catch big bass, don't just hug the shore all day and fish straight to the bank. Follow these tips instead.

Giant Largemouth Bass

Ever wonder what is the mystery behind trophy largemouth bass? Find out by reading this article.

Landing A Record Fish

Looking to catch the next world-record fish? Bass pro legend Roland Martin offers tips on landing lunker catches in this article.

Be Prepared

Count on banging a once-in-a-lifetime big fish, then Be Prepared to act on it when it happens, and it will.

Airtight Trophy Certification

Many records have failed to make it to the books due to poor planning. Here's how to have a fail proof system.

Logical Approach To Big Bass

Looking for lunkers? Discover the one thing that can truly lead you in the right direction. We reveal it inside.

How To Catch A 10-Pound Trophy Bass

Everyone wants to catch big bass, but fishing specifically for them requires dedication and careful planning.

Tips for Catching Lunkers

Want to catch huge bass? These few tips will stack the odds in your favor for catching a lot of big fish this season.

The Hunt For Big Bass

To consistently catch big bass, an angler must know where to go, when to go and what to use. Here's what you need to know.

More Fishing Tips

These tips and tactics can turn an average day into a memorable one!

Shattering Shallow Myths

Anglers who can break away from the crowd and fish with an open mind can score some tremendous fish.

Going Nuts!

Thinking outside the box and straying from the everyday presentation can lead to more fish in the boat, and more tournaments won.

Full Contact Fishing

Here's a new and unusual bass fishing technique that's often deadly on pressured waters.

Sight Fishing Tips

There are a few basic principles about sight fishing that can be expanded upon to make it work for each individual angler.

Fishing Older Reservoirs

If you no longer visit the local old lake, go back and give it a try every now and then. It might just surprise you.

Thermocline: The Barrier

Knowing what a thermocline is and how it affects fishing will improve your results. We explain inside.

How To Take Great Fishing Photos

Next time you go out, practice these photo tips. That way you’ll be ready when Big Bertha smacks your lure.

Making Better Fish Images

With today’s digital imaging programs you can do anything you want to photographs, but why not take a good image to begin with? Here's how!

Search and Destroy Method Bass Fishing

This logical, targeted approach is deadly when catching largemouth bass. We explain inside.

Sound Advice

Some anglers believe manmade noises have little effect on a bass, but some of the top pros think otherwise. Here's what they said.

Low Light Conditions

Low-light periods are key to a successful day on the water. Here are some tips for maximizing these prime feeding times.

Accuracy And Shallow-Water Fish

Successful target fishing involves more than just being accurate with a lure and a fishing rod. Let me explain...