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BassResource.com is devoted to both casual and tournament bass anglers throughout the world. BassResource.com reflects the lifestyle of the angler, the challenge, joy and excitement of bass fishing for both beginner and seasoned pro alike.

Our mission is to deliver an entertaining mix of editorial, objective evaluations of new lures, boats, electronics, fishing gear, equipment and accessories; lively feature stories that embody the adventure of the sport; and in-depth, how-to articles that have an immediate impact on the lives of our site visitors.

Many of our favorite features are simultaneously entertaining, practical and instructive. In addition, our articles are photograph and media experience rich. Writers are encouraged to also be photographers, and to think about photography while they think about writing.

We prefer original, exclusive content not found elsewhere.  Please do not submit articles you have submitted elsewhere.

  1. Articles should be in Word format (.doc). 
  2. Articles should be at least 1,200 words, preferably more than 1,800.
  3. Articles should have at least three images, although we reserve the right to use a subset of submitted images.
  4. Articles should NOT have images embedded in them (such as is possible in Word format). Attach them as separate files to your email instead, or use dropbox.com for large files.
  5. Images should be no less than 2,000 pixels wide and should be original copies whenever possible.
  6. We prefer JPG files less than 1.0 meg in size sent via e-mail. If you have larger digital files, please post them on a share for download, such as dropbox.com. Don't send large files over email.
  7. General requirements: Sharp focus, good variety of close-up and overall shots, even lighting, good saturation in warm colors.
  8. Image filenames should be called image01.jpg, image02.jpg, image03.jpg and so on.
  9. To indicate where you want images to appear in an article write [image01.jpg], [image02.jpg], [image03.jpg] and so on in the text wherever you want the image to appear. Please include caption text (cutaways) where appropriate.
  10. Include your own, hi-rez passport-like photograph, so we can profile you next to your article. Include a brief bio with your photograph, including sponsors if applicable.
  11. Use a valid email address.
  12. The article must be your original work. Plagiarized or copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.
  13. Unless you are a professional, credentialed outdoor writer, no payments are made for publishing articles or for any information provided by manufacturers or distributors. Your article will not be sold to any other publication.

What not to send

Please do not send us an article that has already been published.  We require original, exclusive content.

BassResource.com is not in the market for stories about: surfing, wetlands restoration, commercial fishing, boating accident reports, PETA, controversial topics, your beef with a tournament organization or government entity, and marketing hype.

General Writing Tips

  1. Try to keep 'on topic'. Being conversational is encouraged; being funny is ok when it's clearly a joke; but being long-winded with irrelevant information is not. Don't say "I managed to get a few days off from work because my boss got bit by a rabid bat that he found in his wife's dresser, so while he was in hospital he didn't know that I was out of the office" when you can say "I was on vacation".
  2. Lure colors are not proper names. Please do not capitalize them.
  3. Try not to be too dismissive of anything, anyone or anywhere, because some people can take offense at anything. If you're going to be critical about something, be specific and state why you are being critical, and back your reasons up. However, as a rule of thumb, don't be critical.
  4. Check your spelling!
  5. Check your grammar!
  6. Check your punctuation, sentence structure, and English! In short, the article must be suitable for print.
  7. BassResource.com reserves the right to modify/edit articles before publication to conform to our guidelines and for proofing purposes.
  8. Finally - dare to be different! Don't worry about taking risks with your article writing. If you think you have a crazy idea that you might be able to pull off, then go for it! We aren't expecting a load of writing clones! We have plenty of crankbait, spinnerbait, jig, plastic worm, and sponsorship articles. Originality is highly encouraged.

When you're ready to submit your article, email us at writers at bassresource.com.