Fishing for Women

Bass fishing isn't just for men, women are welcome too! If you feel there's just too much testosterone in the local bass club or tackle shop, then here's the place for you!

Bass fishing is no longer considered a "man's sport" anymore. Many female anglers are discovering how fun and exciting bass fishing can be, and that perceived barriers are easily broken. Yet the stigma of a male-dominated sport remains. So it's understandable many women feel uncomfortable pursuing the sport of fishing.

Our goal is to help women feel comfortable learning new skills associated with fishing, and other outdoor activities, in a supportive and non-threatening environment by furthering the knowledge and joys of bass fishing, nature and community spirits.

If you are just getting started in bass fishing and want to learn more, be sure to visit our Beginners section. Here you will find articles designed specifically for you.

Recommended Websites for Women

National B.O.W. Headquarters Web Site
Carolina Lady Anglers
Casting For Life
Casting For Recovery
Coalition for Education in the Outdoors
Ladies Let's Go Fishing
Step Outside
Washington Women Outdoors
Women's Flyfishing
The Women's Wilderness Institute
Flyfishing Clubs for Women:
Colorado Women Flyfishers
Delaware Valley Women's Fly Fishing Association
Flygirls (Michigan)
Golden West Women Flyfishers (California)
Juliana's Anglers (New York)
Texas Women Fly Fishers

Here are fishing articles just for women: