Advantages of Using Braided Line for Topwater Fishing

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Discover the specific benefits of using braided line for topwater fishing with expert guidance from Glenn May. Learn when and why braided line is an excellent choice. Understand how its strength and cutting ability make it ideal for fishing certain topwater baits. Gain insights into optimizing your topwater fishing strategy with the right line selection for successful catches in dense cover areas.

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Here's a great question from a young angler. "Are there any benefits to using braided line for topwater fishing?" Yeah. Actually, there is, in some circumstances. Braid is not a universal line. I wanna make that clear. So, I don't use it for all topwater fishing, but braid is a really good line to use when you're fishing in and around vegetation and woody cover. So, for that reason you'll see me using braid when I'm fishing topwater baits like frogs and spoons and even buzz baits when I'm going around in and around this kind of cover. When a fish comes up out of that cover, say a matted vegetation and I'm fishing a frog over the top of it, they'll grab it and go right back down. And you've got to use that braided line to be able to cut through the weeds and get that fish back out of that cover. So, braid is a really good choice for those situations when I'm fishing topwater baits.

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