The Chatterbait Freedom

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Featuring a swinging head design that's weedless! The Chatterbait Freedom.

Z-MAN Chatterbait Freedom -


Hey folks Glenn May here with at the 2016 Classic in Tulsa Oklahoma, and I'm at the Z-Man booth with Daniel Nussbaum - did I get that right?

Daniel: You got it Glenn.

Alright. He is the President the man at Z-Man and they got a brand new product coming out. Daniel why don't you tell me about this.

Daniel: Ya Glenn we've got the new Chatterbait Freedom that we teamed up with Freedom Tackle on. A lot of people the last few years have been asking for a Chatterbait that comes through cover a little bit better. That's a little bit more weedless.

One kind of downfall of the Chatterbait is it really doesn't do well around wood. It does great catching fish, but it tends to hang up on wood. So we came up with the Chatterbait Freedom. It's a swing-head design. You can easily Texas rig your soft plastics on it. The great thing about it is because of Freedom Tackle's design, it completely eliminates the hook swinging back on the line and fouling on the line. It also makes it easy to interchange the hook, customize your bait for the different size or different type of trailer that you're using. The skirt is actually on the hook itself so the skirt moves freely with the bait. And the best thing about it though is you're get better action out of your trailers, the same tournament winning bladed jig action of the Chatterbait, but it's gonna be in a more weedless, snag resistant package.

Glenn: Nice nice know. What sizes does this come in.

Daniel: We started off with 1/2 ounce and 3/8 ounce which are two most popular Chatterbait sizes. Pretty versatile in for throwing shallow water. You can let it sink a little bit deeper and fish it down to about 10 or 12 feet pretty well. And were doing six colors to start with. They're really are six most popular Chatterbait colors. You know from your green pumpkins, your black and blues, more your jig colors, to your chartreuse and white. Your white, your shad color like this one here, more your kinda spinnerbait colors.

Glenn: And what's the most productive way to fish this?

Daniel: It's really hard to say the most productive way, just because there are so many ways to fish the Chatterbait. Like our other Chatterbaits, because of the direct head-to-blade connection that's exclusive Z-Man, you can burn it and it's not gonna rollover on you so it's great. You know if you fish one baitfish patterns, you know a lot of times I like the fish it fast.

And even a great bait for schooling fish. You run it just below the surface just like you would a spinnerbait.

The other thing that a lot of people don't realize about the Chatterbait, is you can fish kind of a stop-and-go retrieve, just moving that bait with your reel rather than with your rod. Let it sink to the bottom. And the great thing about this one right here is that eyelette like our Project-Z Chatterbait, is set out a little bit further from the head of the bait so that blade really starts vibrating pretty easily. You can work it slow and still get that same vibration Glenn.

Glenn: That bringing it in and killing the action, you just give away my big secret there. Man I hate that.

Daniel: And that's the secret of a lot of our pros, guys like Stephen Browning. They fish it a lot more, you know like you would a jig, than you would a spinnerbait. And a lot of people don't realize how effective it is. But because the blade on the Chatterbait gets moving so easily, it really works well in that type of presentation.

Glenn: Well thank you so much Daniel, appreciat it. Guys check it out anywhere you buy Z-Man products, the brand-new Chatterbait . You're gonna you love it.