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Here's a terrific crankbait tip to help keep your crankbaits organized in their storage box!

Hey folks. Glenn May here with, and if you're like me, you have a ton of crankbaits. Now, that's great, however if you need a crankbait to go to the exact depth you need, well, that can be a little bit of a challenge to find the exact right one.

For example, if I'm fishing a flat, and the grass comes up to about 10 feet of water or so, and I want a crankbait that gets down there and just ticks the top of it? Maybe one that runs 10 to 12 feet? Well, you know, I can kind of look at the body size. I can look at the bill, get an idea of what ones might run that deep, but you know what? I'm probably going to have to try a few more times until I finally get the right one.

That's kind of a waste of time. Well, here's a method that's going to help you out. That helps you find the right crankbait at the right time.

What I do is, first of all, whenever I buy crankbait, on the package, it has to say what the running depth is. That helps a lot right there. So in this particular crankbait right here, it runs 10 to 12 feet.

Now what I do is, I take a Sharpie, it's a fine tip Sharpie. Take one of those and I'm going to mark on it here what the running depth is. Now you can get Sharpies in a lot of different colors. If you want to, go crazy and get one to match the color of the crankbait. That way the fish won't see it. I'm just kidding. They won't see that.

But anyway, what I do is, right here at the base where the bill meets it, it's the perfect place to write on there. So I just put, in this instance, it's a real smooth surface, 10 to 12. My Sharpie is not working for me. There we go. We'll try that again. Ten to twelve.

Now, when I'm looking for a crankbait that runs that deep, there it is, see? Ten to twelve right on there, now when I'm looking for a crankbait that runs 10 to 12 feet, well guess what? I've got one right here. And it's not hard to find. I can look in the crankbait box, I can find my choices of all 10 to 12 running depth crankbaits, I can find the right color I want in a hurry and get right back to fishing.

Over the course of a day of fishing, that increases your productivity. For more tips like this, visit