Fall Bass Fishing Secrets (from Japan!)

Fall Bass Fishing Videos
Dive into the world of fall bass fishing with expert tips from Elite Pro Masayuki Matsushita. Learn about the effectiveness of various lures and tackle like Shimano's Triple Impact and DEPS's Ferdelance for both deep and shallow waters. Adapt your strategies with the changing seasons for optimal bass catches!

Baits and Gear

Shimano Bantam Triple Impact Swim Bait -- https://bit.ly/3L70Rwk

Deps Korrigan crankbaits -- https://bit.ly/3RnyWfF

Deps Sweet Killer -- https://bit.ly/3Z3WWWA

Deps Silent Killer -- https://bit.ly/3L2DB2A

Deps Sakamata Shad Soft Jerkbait -- https://bit.ly/3PmX409 

Sunline Shooter fluorocarbon line -- https://bit.ly/3z2lpQK 

Deps Sidewinder (Ferdelance) 7-foot Heavy -- https://bit.ly/45GNoDO 

Deps Gain Flipping Element -- https://bit.ly/3YYc489

7.1:1 Shimano Bantam MGL A Casting Reel - https://bit.ly/3XZXRXR 


My name is Masayuki Matsushita, 2023 Bassmaster Elite Pro.

I would like to introduce autumn fishing. In autumn, the fish spread out over various depths as the water temperature gradually drops, increasing the amount of oxygen supply, and therefore, more fish come to the shallower areas. I fish in deep water and shallow water, but deep water is an extension of summer fishing, so basically I fish deep water in the same way as summer fishing. 

As for shallow water fishing, many fish come up to the shallows chasing bait fish.  so I use bass bait and wake bait like this. This is Shimano's Triple Impact, and when I cast it and reel it, it's already on the surface. It's a wake bait that swims around on the surface layer, and the propeller makes it splash, producing a sound like bass bait. What I really like about this is that it moves in a very straight line. I really like using this because it goes over the area around the cover like a crankbait. So, I frequently use it. 

This is my tackle. I use a glass rod, but this one is DEPS's Ferdelance, 7-foot Heavy. It's a bit stiff, but since it's a glass rod, the tip flexes well.  Glass rods can sometimes lack power for hooking with treble hooks, so I prefer the slightly stiffer Ferdelance. 

And since the rod is long, generally, DEPS rods are characteristic for catching big fish from lake piers. Many are designed for full casting. As a result, the grip is often long, which can be unwieldy when I make many short casts in shallow areas. I find it difficult to maneuver if the grip is long, so I adjust the grip a little. It's cut, so it looks a little like this.

But I use a Bantam high gear HG reel, and I use a Shooter line of 16 pounds, and sometimes 18 pounds. The reason I like the shooter is that it is overwhelmingly strong against abrasion, so when I'm aiming around rocks and other types of cover, the Shooter is my only choice, so I use the shooter. 

Okay, next. When you get to the middle range, this is the depth of the DEPS's Korrigan, specifically the Korrigan Magnum.  It has four types divided by range:  150, 250, 35, 450, but the one I have now is 350, but it is shallow. In that case, I use 150, then when it gets a little deeper I use 250, when it gets even deeper I use 350, and when it gets deeper I use 450, and so on, so I use Korrigan magnum as if I were carving the range like this. 

The tackle I use is this glass rod Ferdelance, and I use the exact same tackle. The other one is the DEPS's Sweet Killer. I use it in the same way as the Silent Killer, and I wind it with a normal retrieve. Even if you just do it alone, it will swim steadily like this , but it 's similar to the Silent Killer in the spring. I use it to make fish float and eat it, but the difference between this one and this one is that the Silent Killer displaces water horizontally with its roll also swims quietly like this, which is why I use this a lot when fishing for female fish in the spring, but for Sweet Killers, when I do a chong chong chong, the next time it displaces water horizontally with its roll instead of sideways like this. It swims like this, but it swims like this while hitting the flat. If you say it like this, it's this roll. I it fishes like this while hitting the flat. If you say it like this, it's this roll. I it's like using it with a lot of flashing similarly to Sakamata's Midst. 

Yes, the tackle is the same. The only difference with this Silent Killer is that it uses fluorocarbon. When using this one, it is not shallow water, so it goes quite deep, so the Silent Killer is about 1 meter. I'm aiming from about 3 feet to about 5 feet with this silent killer, but I want to go deeper, so since it's autumn, I'm using fluorocarbon, so I'm currently spooled with B9, but it's braid, but I change it to fluorocarbon and use a 20-pound shooter for this lure. The reel is still using Bantam, and the rod is the DEPS's Flipping Element. 

Well, I think I explained deep water in the summer, so I won't bring out the tackle, but shallow water fishing in autumn is like what I just said.