Paddle Tail Swimbaits for Fall Bass with Shin Fukae

Fall Bass Fishing Videos
This paddle tail trick from top pro Shin Fukae will help you catch more bass this fall!

The Baits & Gear

Keitech Swing Impact 2.8 --

Shimano Stradic Spinning Reel -

Shimano Expride B Spinning Rods --

YGK G-Soul OHDRAGON Sinking Braided Line --


The Fall season for the paddle tail swimbait is I'm using right here. Spinning gear. Why I'm using the spinning gear is they are still staying the deep. Yeah, deep water. But the people fishing at the summertime a lot, then the fish is getting... I mean, we have lots of pressure in the water. So, I am using a little bit slower retrieve and concentrate to the bite using the spinning tackle. Then also I can use in a little bit thinner line. That's the key for the fall season.

I am using the Shimano Spinning Reel 2500 with the Shimano Expride 7'0" Medium with a 14-pound braided line, which is a sinking braided line with the 8-pound fluorocarbon leader on it. That means it, kind of, camouflages because of thinner. Also, I am using the 3/8 weight jighead with the 2.8 Keitech,

Because the bass going...soon is going deeper, to the shallow water sometimes, chasing the shad, they are looking for the little bit shad. So, I am using this type of the little bitty swimbait from the Keitech a lot the fall season. Catch more fish and you can catch in the numbers and big fish. Both of it. So, I recommend to the fall season using that small, tiny, tiny swimbait.