The Best Fall Texas Rig Tips and Tricks - How To from Kyle Welcher

Fall Bass Fishing Videos
The Texas rigged worm is one of the best kept secrets for bass fishing in Fall. This how-to video from Kyle Welcher explains how to fish Texas rigged worms to catch more fish during the Fall season.

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What's going on guys? Kyle Welcher here with BassResource. You know, everybody, as long as I can remember, I've always heard about this fall-feed that the bass have and how good the fishing gets in the fall and how good the fish bite. And as long as I've been fishing, I can promise you, I've never seen it. I feel like it's a complete myth.

So my approach to fishing in the fall is always, I pick up my confidence baits, I try to cover as much water as possible, and it seems like for me, time and time again, one of my best confidence baits and best producers year-round is this Missile Baits D Bomb, right here. And I'll throw it in the fall a ton still.

You know, I've been hearing about this forever, about the bass come up and they start following the shad to back of the, you know, to the back of the creeks and you go in there and you catch you a hundred a day. Well, I've never seen it, but I do always try to stay around the bait.

And usually, whenever I'm gonna be flipping this D Bomb around, it's usually in the fall. We got really clear water. I'm almost always gonna be flipping a green pumpkin color and I'm almost always gonna try to be as close as I can to bluegill beds or bluegill that are still, you know, hanging around docks or stuff like that.

So I know in a lot of areas of the country in the fall the bluegill don't spawn. Where I'm at, we have bluegill beds until late to mid-October. So I do try to get around that or at least around a lot of bluegills that I can see lingering around docks. Or I just want to be as close to the bait as possible.

Because this time of year, the bass have seen everything. People start fishing in March and they start pounding them. It don't matter if it's September, October, November, they've seen it all. So it's really important, you know, to stay around the bait, stay around the fish that are actively feeding, not trying to trick a bass that's already been caught two or three times.

So, in the fall, I like to upsize my weight a little bit. I'm gonna start with my standard being a half-ounce and I'll even flip a three-quarter if I'm flipping really deep stuff. I feel like that superfast fall, especially in the fall, really gets reaction bites.

From my personal experience, fish seem to really, really suspend in the fall. And if I wanna flip something around that falls a little bit slower, I can usually get 'em to follow it but I can't get 'em to commit to it. So I'm gonna actually upsize my weight a little bit and try to get a reaction bite out of those fish that are suspended in the tips of trees or in the tips docks or wherever it may be.

Now, if you have a grass lake, you're obviously gonna want to flip this D Bomb as much as you can around the grass. You're gonna upsize to 1 1/2 ounce weight. And that's what we have on the Tennessee River, in Florida or in various parts of the country, where you have a lot of milfoil, or hydrilla, or whatever type of grass you have. That's gonna be a really good option in the fall because those fish really, really like to use that grass, especially whenever it starts to die, there's gonna be like, big holes underneath the mats in the grass and those are the places where you really want to slow down and flip that 1 1/2 ounce weight and a D Bomb in there. And, you know, you can really find schools of fish in really small parts of grass.

But where I'm usually fishing is mostly wood, is mostly docks. So I'm gonna upsize, I'm gonna try to get a little bit more bites with that little faster fall and I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to stay in the current.

But this is one of my confidence baits. I fish with it all year round, and that's the way that you know, I use the fall and the way the fish are acting to help me get a few more bites on the D Bomb.

Beautiful D Bomb bass. That's what it's all about right there.