Modifying Frog Baits for Topwater Fishing Success

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Curious about trimming skirted legs on frog baits? Discover the reasons and benefits. Learn how shortening the legs aids in 'walking the dog' technique, making it a more effective and agitating presentation for bass. Understand how a more compact profile reduces short strikes, increasing the likelihood of successful hookups. Dive into our detailed explanation to improve your topwater fishing strategy and catch more fish with modified frog baits.

Keri: There you go.

Glenn: There we go.

Keri: What did I say?

Glenn: Right here. Oh boy, come here. Come here, honey. You ate that thing. Both hooks. With both hooks, look at that. Look at that. Both hooks right in its face. Think he wanted that? Again, just waiting. Let him blow up on it. Give it a second or two, reel it down. If you see the line swimming off, it starts to tighten up, crack that whip. Nice frogfish. Right there. Let's let this guy go.

Here's a question about frog baits. "Hey. Why do people trim those skirted legs on frog baits?"

Yeah. Well, there's two reasons for that. One of them is a lot of people like to walk the dog with a hollow body frog. It's a great presentation and oftentimes it agitates the fish into biting. It can be a real productive way to catch a lot more fish is by walking the dog. However, if you've got these long strands of legs basically behind him, that really inhibits the ability for that bait to walk the dog. So cutting them short makes it a lot easier to walk the dog.

Another thing it does is a lot of times the fish what they'll do is and they blow up on these top water baits, they come up from behind, and sometimes all they do is they grab the legs. I've had them happen on toads. I've actually set the hook on fish, and I come back with a legless toad. They just grab the back, they don't grab where the hook is. So by cutting the leg shorter, it presents a more compact profile, and it has less chances of the fish short striking them, only grabbing the back. Actually, when they're grabbing, they're probably going to grab right on the hook so you get better hookups that way.