New G-Loomis Rods for 2012

Mark Zona introduces new G-Loomis Rods for 2012 in this video!

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Mark Zona with all of you here on And here it is, I am holding the one, the number one fresh water rod here at ICAST 2011. Check this out, G Loomis, GL2. And here's the deal with this rod. If you look at this rod, the handle is the number one thing that sticks out.

What I mean by that is, look at that tapered end right there. When you're sitting' there flipping, okay, and you take that jig, and you're flipping that for five minutes, well you don't feel that.

But when you're flipping that jig at home for eight hours, it's all about comfort, and when you have that comfort also, you're still going to have power, eight hours down the line.

The other thing is, all of these rods this year, all of these rods, going into next season, they're all technique specific. What I mean by that is, there's 41 different models of the GL2, and the best thing is, the GL2 will not break the bank. See you.

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