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Learn about the new Garmin echoMAP series introduced in 2013!


Garmin echoMAP Series Fishfinder -


Hi. I'm Adam Kiburz, from Garmin International. I'm one of the product managers for our Marine group. I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about some of our new products that we're coming out with for 2013. We have just recently launched our new echoMAP series. We have it available in a 5" and a 7".  Our 7" here I'll show you today a couple of features on it.

It's an easy to use combo unit. It's got chart sonar. What people are really liking about our new charts, we just also launched some new charts, so we launched Lakeview HD and Lakeview HD Ultra. What that does for you is we are building in 1 foot contours into our products for free and that is a major, major thing here. I'm talking to customers at the Bassmaster Classic here and everybody seems to be really liking that. It's multi-touch so you got your pinch to zoom.

We also have some features such as adjustable lake levels so here you can see where we've raised it 10ft and you can see where it adjusts the contours and it floods into the area that was previously not flooded. We also have depth range shading so if you know the fish are hanging out in 10-15 ft of water you can shade that band around the lake. It starts to show where flats are if the fish are on the flats. It shows that kind of stuff. It's extremely easy to use.

Here's your home screen. You've got your sonar. The sonar is extremely sensitive it shows fish really well, it shows brush really well, bait, everything. You can set up combinations so you've got your nav chart and your sonar. If you see something you can go here and you can go back. It's extremely easy to use.

All right, another one of our great features that we have included in our new Lakeview HD Ultra, the product is what's called auto guidance, customers are really latching onto that. I'd like to show you how easy that is to use here. You can essentially, say you want to go to that point right there. You know we'll have to drive across here we can't drive across land, obviously. If I say navigate to, and guide to, it does it that quick and that easy. You might want to go to one of your brush piles or one of your way points. It's really, really easy to use.

So here we have our echoMAP 70S. Like I said it has a lot of cool, new features.

Scott Martin: What's going on, man? We've got some cool stuff, huh?

Adam: That's right.

Scott Martin: I'll tell you what. I've been playing around with these new units. They're unbelievable. Garmin has stepped up to the plate in a new way. Sonar, mapping systems off the chart good. For more information check them out at..?


Scott Martin:; got some new cool stuff coming your way. You're going to be impressed.