New Hobie Fishing Kayaks!

Hobie Fishing introduces new fishing kayaks and accessories for 2012!

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Hi, my name is Morgan Promnitz, and I'm here at the Hobie kayak booth. We're at ICAST 2011, and I wanted to give you a quick preview of four new items we have coming out for 2012.

First of all there's two boats. The Hobie Revolution 11, and Quest 11. They're basically shorter versions of existing boats that we have, but they fill of niche. They're really light weight, and compact, kayak, that's in between our 9 foot series, and 13 and 14 foot series. So they're going to be great for smaller to middle sized users, and awesome little fishing platforms.

Another item, is the H Bar, right here. It's something we developed for making stand up fishing on the Hobie Pro Angler a lot easier. It's going to have a bar and support you; you can add a stripping basking to it if you like to fly fish.

The other item installed on the Hobie Outback right there is our horizontal rod holder, and what that allows you to do is keep your rods stored horizontally when your fishing around docks or heavy brush, or if you just want to store your rod in rough conditions, so.

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