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Hi guys, I'm Captain Allen with Logic Lures. And what I've got here is our new scented tandem rig. This here is the Cadillac of tandems; it's got all the features. It's weed less, it's scented, it has a 3D eye. All you have to do to this guy is open up the package, tie it on, and you can start fishing it. The reason why this thing swims so good, guys, is because we actually make all of our hooks and swivels on them. And that swivel will give our bait the freedom of motion. Also, as you can see, I have a little sliding weight right here, see that little sliding weight. Now when you let this thing fall, or you twitch it, or the current’s taking it now because of that weight and its movement, these baits will actually dart around in different directions constantly, never ever looking programmatic.

   I'm going to go ahead down here, and I'm going to show you our package. This is it, all you do is open it up, you'll see a loop knot at the end of your tag, tie that on, and you're ready to fish.

   Now, guys, that's just one of our products that we have right now. Let me show you the new jig head, the Wiggly Jiggly. That's this guy right here. Now you can see, I'm shaking up that package. You can see that, that hook moves, it's a two-piece jig head. Now what that does, it lets your baits move from the back of the neck all the way through the tail, making your baits look a little more real. I'm going to grab one right here, and just check out that motion.

   More live, guys, more real, but not only that because the hook moves it actually lets you have different applications. As you can see, I have the hook embedded to our lure, get a little more weedless profile. If you don't need that, you can go ahead and just push that shank right above the plastic, now because your hook moves. Now we have exposed shank, the most versatile jig head that there is.

   We're not done yet though, guys. I know it sounds like an infomercial, but the best part of this thing is a low leverage jig head. I'm going to show you here real quick. The Wiggly without the lure on there, and it's a low leverage jig head, because fish can go ahead and shake, and thrash, and they have a really hard time spitting this thing out, because of the movement of the jig head. Really, really catch more fish with this thing, guys. It's been absolutely an amazing tool.

   We're not done. I've got one more thing that I want to show you guys. This little thing right here, this eye, this is called the Google Eyed Bait Clip. Now I'm going to show you its little prongs back here in the back. It's really easy to put on, guys. Here's my lure. What I want to do is pierce this eye, right into the plastic onto my jig head. Now look at that. Not done yet, you think it's an eye, but it's not only an eye, it's the Google Eyed Bait Clip. Even when I take this hook off, I've got the hook off, watch how this bait clip holds this lure on there. Hassle free now, make your baits look more real, catch more fish.

   Thanks again for watching, guys. I'm Captain Allen with Logic Lures, and we'll catch you later.

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