How to Fix Depthfinder Issues

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Having problems with your Lowrance unit? This may be the reason why!

Hey folks. Glenn May here with and did you know you could be damaging your Lowrance unit and not even know it? Well you can.

You see, remember back when we had the black and white units, and the early model... the colored ones when they first came out? The way you shut them off, it was really easy. You just hit the power button and you held onto them and it turned off. Or you could even shut the power off to the boat and it was fine. But you can't do that with today's models.

Reason being is that these are little mini computers. You wouldn't just unplug the power on your computer at home, would you? No. Why? Because that would cause problems.  Same thing with these Lowrance units.

They're little mini computers now and if you power them off the way you used to, over time, you're going to start having issues with it. So there's a proper way to turn this off. And really, it's quite easy.

All you do is you hit the power button once, a little menu comes up and you see it says "stand by" and then "power off". So you just arrow down to "power off" and then hit enter. It's that simple. It's really quick and easy. It's just an extra couple of button pushes but by doing so you'll ensure error free operation of your Lowrance unit for years to come.

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