Lowrance Scupper Mount

ICAST 2011
Check out the new Lowrance scupper mount for kayaks!

Lowrance Kayak Scupper Mount - https://bit.ly/3jHM2Bo


My name is Jeremiah Clark with Lowrance product management.  We're introducing our new Scupper Mount for skimmer transducers on sit-on-top kayaks.  We've introduced this new scupper mount, which mounts in any scupper from one inch to inch and a half. 

It's a simple installation for any customer.  It's a five-piece kit which involves the transducer mount on the bottom, a threaded rod, a wingnut, a top cap, and the trim cap. 

What this allows us to do is mount a transducer without actually cutting a hole in the motor or epoxying it. 

On the bottom side of the kayak here, we have the scupper mount holding the 83200 kilohertz skimmer transducer using the existing hardware that comes with your Fish Finder or you also have the ability, using this outside track, to mount the DSI transducer from any of our Mark or Elite DSI units.