Molix Lover Jig

Mike Iaconelli shows you the new Molix Lover Jig, coming soon to a tackle store near you!

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Hey, BassResource fans, Mike Iaconelli here on that ICAST 2012 in Orlando, and I want to talk to you about something I'm holding that I'm super excited about. And this is a new product from Molix that we're coming out with called 'The Lover”. And a lot of you remember that I've been using prototypes of this thing for the last couple years. Finally, now, we've got it and it's going to be available to everybody. And you know, if you look at "The Lover", what we wanted with this bait is we wanted to create a vibrating jig style bait that had more vibration, that was easier to cast and had a better hook up percentage.

   So let's look at this thing. Let's look at a couple of the key features of this bait. You know the first one and the biggest thing you're going to notice is that bill. And we're calling it a reverse shovel bill. And what that thing does is that's the item that's going to create all that vibration for you. When you cast that thing, the force of the water's going to hit that lip, and it's going to make this thing shake side to side.  When you make that cast, you are going to be able to feel it distinctively through your rod tip.

   You know the other thing that reverse shovel lip's going to do is it's going to act as a deflector. One of the big problems with other vibrating jigs is they would hang up in wood or rock or around docks and hang up a lot. By reversing the lip on that and creating a big shovel lip, as that thing comes through it's going to deflect, a lot like a crankbait. Then you get to the body. You know what we did is we created a realistic bait fish style body, rattle chamber inside. Natural looking patterns and even got a feel to it.

   And then finally, on the business end, we've got the hook. And this hook is kind of special. It's a skirted hook, and one of the first things you're going to notice is that it's free swinging. We've got this thing on a split ring so that when you hook those big fish, instead of a fixed hook position, it's swinging. You're going to land a lot of those fish.

   We've got a fine skirt on it and then finally, we've got that heavy duty hook that's got a keeper system on it. So you can thread whatever you want on that thing, a craw, a grub, a trailer, whatever you want to put on it, you are going to put that on there and it's going to stay on there.

   Let me tell you something, if you like vibrating jigs, if you want to fish something that's going to shake the rod out of your hands, try the new Lover by Molix. I guarantee you're going to get more bites.

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