Neko Rig Fishing From The Bank: What You Need To Know

Bank Fishing for Bass
How to fish the Neko Rig from the bank. Pro Todd Faircloth reveals a fantastic tip for catching giant bass from the bank!

Baits and Gear

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Hey, everybody. Todd Faircloth here. I want to talk to you about fishing a Neko Rig from the bank. You know, a lot of people don't have a boat or, you know, they don't have a...maybe they have access to a stream, a pond or maybe they just, you know, walk to their lake, or a big lake or whatever from a bank and it's a fun way to fish.

When I was a kid growing up, you know, we didn't have boats. Dad couldn't always take me fishing and I spent a ton of time fishing ponds, creeks, wherever I could go to. But some of my fondest memories were just fishing as a kid, you know, growing up with my buddies from the bank and I learned a lot from fishing from doing that.

And the cover Neko hook is going to be a really, really good bait to fish in that type of situation because you can fish it weedless from the bank.

And you know, a lot of people, it's funny to me, you watch people from a boat fish, and I'm going to try to help the bank fisherman out here. You watch people fish from a boat and I'd say 70% of the time that people fish from the boat they cast toward the bank. And 70% of the time when you watch somebody fish from the bank, they cast towards the middle of the lake.

So here's a little tip for you. A lot of times bank fishermen will be better off if they'll parallel the bank and cast down the bank instead of casting out into the middle.

A lot of times around creeks or lakes or streams, or whatever you're fishing, they're tucked up underneath the cover that's hanging out over the bank so, be stealthy in your approach when you're fishing that way. Try to be quiet and try not to make a whole lot of racket and when you get to a good piece of cover, like say for instance a laydown hanging down off the bank, you know, try to sneak your bait up in there as quiet as you can and you can skip this Neko in there really, really gently and the fish will come out and grab it, but this is going to be really good. It's probably, you know, a shallow water situation.You cannot beat a Neko, Neko rig and I would use the lightest weight I could get away with.

A lot of times our ponds and streams and stuff like that, they'll have some scum on the bottom of them or something and the Neko, you can fish a real lightweight on the head of it there and it doesn't get all that gunk and stuff on it and you can fish it real efficiently through that kind of stuff. May be scum or whatever so the lighter the weight the better in that situation.

When you're fishing, I always like to use a spinning outfit and I like it because I can skip the bait up underneath there. You don't have to worry about overruns. I can cast it along ways.

A lot of times you're dealing with a lightweight in the head of the bait. You're fishing it on light line, I'd say a 10 to 12-pound leader most of the time. Sometimes even an eight, so the reason for the light line is, it just gives the bait a more natural appeal and if you put this bait on a 20-pound fluorocarbon or a 16-pound fluorocarbon or you know, a big braid or something like that, it's just going to take a lot of the life-like action out of it. So that's why I choose a spinning rod setup. A seven-foot-four, generally a 10 to 12-pound test fluorocarbon leader with a, you know, 20 to 15-pound test braided line as my mainstay, and give it a try when you're bank fishing, and I think it will help you guys out tremendously.