Neko Rig for Summer: What You Need To Know

Summer Bass Fishing Videos
How to fish the Neko Rig for Summer. Pro Todd Faircloth reveals a fantastic tip for catching giant bass in the summer!

Baits and Gear

Gamakatsu Cover Neko Hook:

Strike King Ocho:

Zoom Trick Worm:

Big Bite Baits Neko weights:

Z-Man Neko Nose Weight:

7' 4" Denali Lithium medium heavy spinning rod:

Sunline SX1 Braided Line Hi-Vis Yellow:

Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Line:

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All right, let's talk about how we fish a Neko rig during the summertime. And summertime of the year, the fish are a little bit more aggressive. I'm gonna use about the heaviest nail weight I can find. And I like to use a spinning rod. This is a 7-foot-4 kind of medium-heavy spinning rod. I'll generally use anywhere from 10 to 16 pound braid, and a 8 to 12 pound Sunline fluorocarbon leader.

And in the summertime a lot of times the faster a bait falls, the better. So I want to cause a reaction. The baitfish are moving fast, the fish are in warm water, their metabolism is, you know, up and going and they're very active that time of year. So a lot of times the faster the fall rate the better. So I wanna use a heavy nail in my Neko.

Cast it out. I would say probably any time of the year you fish on Neko rig, I would venture to say 70% of the time the bite's gonna come on the initial fall, and I'm gonna let that thing fall, hit the bottom. And in the summertime, I wanna get pretty aggressive with it.

I wanna let it hit the bottom and once it hits the bottom I'll pull up on it, if something's tight, feeling a little heavy deal, jerk. If not, I'm gonna rip it up off the bottom, a pretty good bit and then let that bait fall back down. And what I'm doing is picturing a fish down there, and he's watching that bait and if I rip it up off the bottom and it falls real quick in front of them, a lot of times it'll cause them to react to the bait, and that'll help you out during the summertime when you're fishing on Neko rig.