New Daiwa Reels - 2012

ICAST 2012
Ish Monroe reveals the latest reels from Daiwa , coming out in the fall of 2012!

Hi, I'm Ish Monroe. Here at ICAST with, gonna talk to you guys about the new Daiwa product. We're gonna start out with the new Lexus spinning reel.

The new Lexus spinning reel is awesome. You're getting a relatively high quality spinning reel at a very less expensive price. The Lexus spinning reel comes with the air bell system which the higher end models come. It's super-duper smooth. It comes with a long-cast spool. The extra-super sensitive drag that you'll never break your line. You know, I'm one of those guys, that I've never ever backed line on a fish. I let the drag play the fish. And so, with the drag system in this reel, you're not gonna break that light line when you’re using 5, or 6 pound test.

Let's talk about the new super high speed T3 Ballistic is the fastest reel on the market. 8:1 gear ratio reel. There has been times when I couldn't catch up with a fish. This reel is going to allow me to catch up with the fish. T3 system allows me to make longer casts with it. Between the longer casts and the high speed reel, you'll be able to catch up to any fish you're out there fishing for.

Now let's move up to the new Lexa baitcasting reels, comes in two models. This model right here is the 100 series, comes in a 6:3:1 gear ratio, and a 7:1 gear ratio.

And let's move up to the bigger model. A lot of guys have been asking for a low profile baitcaster, for throwing swim-baits with a big, wide spool. Well the Lexa 300 is that real. Comes in two different handles. Has the big cranking handle, and has the standard double handle on it. So for you guys who want to go out there and fish salt water for Calico's and Striper's, and you want a low profile reel. The Lexa is the reel for you. Comes in two gear ratios. Comes in a 6:3:1, and a 7:1. The 7:1 is only in this handle here. The 6:3:1, and the 7:1 come in the double handle.

Now we're getting up into my babies. The new, improved, Steez spinning reel. I thought that they couldn't improve this thing. Oh my God. They got the completely sealed bearings in it. They come with the air bell system. Super-duper, ultra, light, and with the new Zion material. You couldn't fish them in salt water before, but you can fish them in salt water now. The new Daiwa Steez has been improved.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better than that, they came out with the new Daiwa Steez baitcasting reel. With a bigger handle and a 7.9:1 gear ratio. Unbelievably great, and it even comes in a super cool, purple and black color, which you know that  I love so much. So check out these products at thanks for showing up to