New Molix Buzzbait

ICAST 2012
Mike Iaconelli gives you a sneak peek at the new buzzbait from Molix. See why this is so cool!

Hey, BassResource fans, Mike Iaconelli back here at ICAST 2012 in Orlando. I want to tell you about another amazing product that we designed with Molix. This one is the Lover inline buzzbait.

Buzzbait fishing has been one of the favorite techniques for me for years and years and years, but I always wanted to come up with a buzzbait that was going to be more versatile than the traditional down wire style buzzbait. We came up with Molix, we came up with this inline style buzzbait that's going to do a lot more things that your other buzzbaits can't do.

The first thing we did is we wanted to put a blade on here that had an amazing sound and squeak. If you fish a buzzbait, you know sound is super important to a buzzbait. So with Molix, they created a blade, and they've got a system that right out of the pack is going to squeak and squeal. That's important to getting those strikes.

The second thing we wanted is we wanted a design that was more fluid and is an inline style design, and what that does is it's able to come through cover a lot better. When I'm fishing a buzzbait, 99% of the time I'm fishing it in cover situations, around wood, through trees, under docks, through vegetation, lily pads, whatever. A traditional down wire design of a buzzbait, that thing's going to hang up a lot. By creating an inline style, and if you look at it, we've got a slight drop in it, that bait's going to come through anything, and it's going to come through clean.

A couple of the other things, like all the other Molix products, we've got that realistic bait fish looking head, and just like with the spinnerbaits, we've created a head that does something very unique as you reel that in. If you look at the bottom of that head, it's got a little flat spot on it. What that flat spot's going to do is as you retrieve that buzzbait, it's going to give it a little bit of a shimmy as it comes in. That little movement, that little realistic movement, is going to trigger a lot of bites. You add a quality hook to that, you add one of the most realistic skirts on the market, and finally you add that little black keeper on there that's going to keep the weeds off of there, and you've got a buzzbait that's going to do something that no other buzzbait does.

Let me tell you something. If you like power fishing, if you like fishing a buzzbait, and you want to fish a better buzzbait, try the Lover Inline Buzz by Mike Iaconelli and Molix. I guarantee you're going to put some more fish in the boat.