New Revo Reels - 2012

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Hi, my name's Andrew Wheeler. I'm the Product Manager for Abu Garcia. We're here at ICIS 2012 and I'd like to introduce the new Revo series of reels.

   We've done some major changes on the Revo family. As you can see, it's much more compact in design. It really fits in your hand really comfortable with a lot lower profile, so it's really much more comfortable to fish with all day. Also, we've lightened up these reels. Some of them are up to 30% weight savings. So, again, it makes it just much more comfortable to fish with.

   We also have a new gear system, so, again these are a more powerful reel. This D2 gear system is much more efficient than the previous gear system, so it's easier to wind in baits or big fish. Also, it gives us a much wider range of gear ratios we have available.

   This is the new Premier. As you can see, it's a very, very compact reel. It's extremely lightweight at under six ounces. It features our UBCD4 braking system, which is an externally adjustable braking system. It's very, very easy to use and adjust on the water. It has a carbon handle and the EVA knobs, again, to reduce that weight, but it gives you a lot of strength. This is our carbon matrix drag system, like all of our Revo reels. It's very smooth drag performance with very low start-up inertia.

   The next one in the family is the Revo STX. This reel has undergone the most radical weight saving, close to 30% weight saving from the previous STX. So, it's very, very lightweight in the hands. It features our Infini brake design. This brake design uses a combination of a centrifugal and a magnetic brake, so it's extremely adjustable. You can really adjust it on the fly on the water, especially with a magnetic brake, so you can fine tune your cast to any style of bait or any type of fishing condition.

   The new SX, again, is extremely comfortable to fish wish. It saves up to 25% of the weight savings from the previous SX. So, again, it's very, very comfortable to fish with all day. It comes in two gear ratios, 6:4 and a 7:1.

   The new Revo S comes in one gear ratio and it's 6:4:1 and features our Pitch Centrifugal Brake system. This Pitch Centrifugal Brake system is extremely adjustable. As you can see, we have three brake locks which are spring loaded. So if you want maximum distance, you use those and they turn themselves off halfway through the path so you can really improve that distance casting. If you want a lot of control, you use the Pitch Centrifugal Brakes, and those Pitch brakes will stay on through the entire cast and allow you to get maximum control.

   The last one in the Revo family in the casting reels is our Revo Winch. This is a crankbait specific or resistance-based specific reel. As you can see, that big gear system is very, very efficient. When combined with a 5:4:1 gear ratio, it makes winding in large crankbaits extremely easy. It has an oversized bent handle and large EVA knobs, again, to give you a lot more torque on the reel and allow you to wind in those larger crankbaits much easier. It features our Infini brake system as well, similar to the STX reel, a combination of the centrifugal and the magnetic brake, and this really helps you cast those large DD22s, especially into the wind where you need to really fine tune that casting brake.

   Also new in the Revo family, we have two spinning reels. We have the Revo SX. As you can see, a perfect match for the casting reel. This reel features our C6 carbon standard. It's extremely stiff. It's extremely lightweight and has a braid-ready spool. As you can see, there are some really fine regions on that spool to help bite the braid into the spool. You don't need to under fill it with mono-filament. It features our Hybrid Carbon Matrix Drag System for really smooth drag performance. It also features our EVA knob, again, just for a lot of comfort on the water.

   The last one is our Revo S spinning reel. This features our advanced polymeric body. This is, again, a very lightweight material and a very, very durable material. It features, also, a braid-ready spool and a Hybrid Carbon Matrix drag design.

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