New Shimano Reels - 2012

Shimano shows you the latest and greatest reels coming out in the fall of 2012!

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How are you doing? I'm Mark Mills from Shimano American Corporation. We're here at the 2012 ICAST show. If you're a bass guy, this is the new bass reel for you. This is the new Calcutta D, all been redesigned. It's got some pretty nice new features that we've added to Calcutta. The first thing that you're going to see is that it's much smaller, much more compact. This is what we call S-body design. The handle side is much larger than the non-handle side, so when it's on a rod it fits very firmly in your hand. It's very ergonomic, very comfortable and it actually makes a round reel feel like a low profile reel.

   The other thing that you're going to see visually right out of the gates is that there's no star on the inside of the handle. What that does, now it's on the outside of the handle, this is called our X drag. It allows the handle to be positioned much tighter and closer to the reel giving it less torque on the reel so it doesn't roll. Much more stability in the gear box as well. When we're talking about gear boxes, you don't want to forget, this has got our new X ship, which is a dual supported pinon gear giving it more power, more torque, and much longer gear longevity.

   The new Calcutta comes in three different sizes. You have a 200, 201, which the one is a left-handed, and a 300, 400, 401, and 301. All in all, three different sizes, both right and left-handed, starting at $349 and going to $379. But a great reel and if you like throwing crankbaits or any type of resistant bait, even an A rig, this is a reel that you've got to grab.

   Other than that, when you step into the spinning reels this year, we've got the new Saros which has kind of been redesigned, new looks, new dimensions on that. It's got a really unique XGP7 graphite which we're actually promoting is 200 times more rigid and stronger than our current graphite that we use which gives it more power, more torque, less flex on the reel and on the handle, and also allows the bearings and the gears to be much more positioned. It also too has our X ship dual supported pinon gear giving it more and better longevity. But a great reel.

   Besides that, hey, it's been a staple reel in most people's arsenal for a while, the new Symmetry coming in at $99, $109 for the 4,000 size. New look, new design, it's called S-Body. As you can see it's much thinner, much smaller, lighter, smaller profile makes it easy to fish on the water. It also too has our new X ship. That X ship design is actually all the way from our Stellar line going all the way down our line now.

   Last but not least, the new Sahara. Once again, another staple reel in our fishing arsenal. Sahara has been redesigned as well. New cosmetics, X ship, and the S-Body design. So hey, if you're getting out there on the water and you're going to go do some bass fishing, grab any of these new four reels for 2012 and get out there and some fishing. Have a good one. Thanks for coming to the show.

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