New St. Croix Fishing Rods - 2012

Check out the cool new rods from St. Croix, coming soon to a tackle store near you!

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Hi, I'm Rick from St. Croix Rods. Welcome to the 2012 ICAST in Orlando. We've got some new bass rods we'd like to show you today. The first one is in our Mojo Series. It's a 6 foot 10 inch fiberglass target cranking stick. We've got some longer cranking rods, but we've had a lot of demand for shorter, accurate, tight quarters rod. It's 6 foot 10, glass, a perfect square bill rod.

   We'd also like to show you our new Legend Extreme Series. It's completely redesigned for 2013, 29 specific models, 17 spinning, 12 casting, built on a high modulus SC5 carbon fiber, and what you notice right away on this rod that's so different, is a very unique handle system. It's a proprietary handle system that we've developed and built at our factory in Park Falls, Wisconsin. We trim it off with a machined aluminum trim piece which we also make. We utilize the Fuji KR style Tangle Free Concept Guide System, a beautiful blank packed with all our technologies.

   A wonderful choice of rods. These will become available mid-August, 2012. The retail price is $340 to $420.

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