New Strike King Lures - 2012

James Niggemere shows you the new Strike King fishing lures coming out in 2013!

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Hey, this is James Niggemeyer here at the Strike King booth, 2012 ICAST in Orlando, Florida. I want to just talk to you about some of the new baits that they have coming out from Strike King. Some incredible new items. There's too many to talk to you, so I'll highlight just some of the brand new ones.

   This here is a jerkbait called a slashbait. It's got a weight transfer system. It's a bunch of new colors, realistic translucents, chrome finishes, all kinds of different ones, and it comes in two sizes. Also comes in a smaller one. This is a two hook size, and this is a three hook. With the weight transfer system they're going to throw real well in windy situations, make long cast in clear water. It's going to have a lot of advantages over a standard jerkbait because that casting distance is really going to come into play. Throwing that jerkbait, a lot of times they will follow. On long casts, you can get some of those to commit.

   Another thing, the KVD Sexy Dawg. This also comes in two sizes. You've got a two hook and a three hook version. It's got a rattle in it so it's knocking while it's walking and it's got this chick, chick, chick, so it's calling fish up from every direction. Super great walking action. Really easy to walk. Great colors, this is chrome sexy shad. Got a bunch of different colors in that; bone, a black one for guys that are wanting to fish on dark days.

   Then also we have the tour grade tungsten line has been so well received. It's been such a hot item over the last year that Strike King has also introduced a new Carolina rig weight. It's kind of a barrel shape. Again, it's insert free. It's all polished so it's not going to wear on your line. Then also we've got a new drop shot. The drop shot and a Carolina rig weight in tungsten has a lot of different values to it. Probably the biggest thing is the size. So your Carolina rig and your drop shot weights aren't going to get hung up nearly as much, but because it's more dense it's also going to transmit different things like moving from sand to gravel or gravel to some pebble rock, different things like that. Things that are super important when you're trying to transmit and feel what's going on down there on the bottom of the lake.

   So next time you're looking at some baits, some of the new hard baits from Strike King, remember the slashbait, the Sexy Dawg, and also the tour grade tungsten which has just been really well received over the last couple years. Check them out. I'm sure you're going to be real excited when you put them in your boat.

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