How To Choose A Combo: Paddletail Swimbaits (Rod, Reel, & Line)

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The best combo for paddle tail swimbaits (rod, reel, and line) will help you catch more fish. Choosing the right fishing gear for paddletail swimbaits is explained in this video.

The Rig....

Bait: Rage Swimmer -

Hook: Gamakatsu Weighted Hook -  


The Gear...

Rod - St. Croix 7' M/H Rod -  

Reel - Abu Garcia Revo SX -

Line - FireLine Ultra 8 -


There we go. Good fish. Here we go. Stay down! Come here. Here we go baby, come onboard. Look at that. How do you like that, guys? Wow! Again, right in the roof of the mouth. That's where you want them. That's a good fish right there. Nice four-pounder right here. Alright, ready?

Hey folks, Glenn May here with Today, I want to talk to you about fishing the Paddle Tail Swimbait.

Okay, let me show you what kind of equipment that I'm using. In this case, I'm using a medium-heavy. A 7-foot medium-heavy power rod with a fast action tip. That's the kind of rod you want to be using in all sorts of bass fishing. In this case, I'm using it for paddle tail. I rig with it. I'm using 30-pound Fireline Ultra 8 line. I use that because what I'm doing a lot of times is I'm fan casting. I'm covering a lot of water and that Ultra 8 is great for long casting. It's designed for that. So, I can get long, long casts on that. The line has no give to it, so it's ultra-sensitive. So, I can feel that bite when the fish is way out there and hits the bait. I can tell that it's a strike.

And with it, I'm using the Abu Garcia Revo SX reel. I've got in the 7.3:1 gear ratio. I like it a little bit fast because I like to bring that bait back pretty quick. This s a reaction kind of bite. So, I like to move the bait pretty fast. Personally, I like to cover a lot of water, so I'm reeling it rather fast. So, 7-3 is a pretty good size reel gear ratio. I don't need a super high-speed reel. So, you don't need to spend the money on that just for fishing these baits. But if I happen to have one of those, I'll use that as well. But the 7-3 works really well for me.

The drag on it is what I like. It's a 24-pound drag on it. Super strong. Super smooth. It's great for fishing these baits. If they tend to bury up a little bit in the cover, I can wrench them out. Because, again, that's what I throw these in.

There we go! Oh, he took it. Wow! You know, you know when they want it when they do that. That's awesome guys. Awesome. Boy, he took it. All right.

And that's how you fish those paddle tails. I hope those tips help. For more tips and tricks, visit