How To Improve Your Pitching Skills

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Here are advanced tips for improving your pitching accuracy and presentation. Follow these tips to catch more bass!

Hey folks, Glenn May here with and did you know that casting is one of the few things that you can practice while you're off the water? Well it is and it's something that I do quite often. That way I can focus more on catching fish rather than trying to get my catching techniques down. And today I'm out here practicing pitching and I thought of a few techniques and tips that could help you improve your accuracy with pitching.

The first thing that you want to do get that wrist action down. As with all bass catching techniques, it's all in the wrist and in this case, you're just doing this That's it. Hey you're not moving your arm, You're not trying to cast it with your arm or your forearm or go sideways with a side cast. It's just with the wrist. It's just like that. That's all it is. Okay, I've moved my elbow a little bit, but I'm just getting that you know, moving enough to get it out of the way of the real handle here, or the rod handle. It's just that's it. It's just wrist.

Okay, practice getting that down and while you're doing that, you want to have your bait in a consistent place. Put it right above the reel handle, and put it in that spot every single time cause all you want to do is practice getting that wrist action down.

And as you start getting that down, practice with the strength of your cast, casting harder for further distance, softer for shorter distance. The key is the presentation, the entry into the water and in this case since we're out here practicing in the yard, you want to make sure the bait doesn't bounce. The better you're at that, the softer your entry will be in the water. Just keep that bait in the same spot and practice that down.

Once you have that down, then what you want to do is start moving the bait up the length of the rod and further down. The higher up the rod you go, the further the casting distance will be, however, it's going have a higher trajectory, which means it's going to be harder to have a soft entry. So it's going to take some practice getting that down.

And conversely if you bring it lower on the rod, you're going have a lower trajectory. It’s going have a much softer entry, however it's going be a shorter cast.

Combine that with the strength of your pitch and I guarantee you you're going be able to get this bait, hit that target every single time with the exact right presentation over and over again. Provided of course, you practice your casting when you're not on the water.

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