How To Keep Baits From Sliding Down The Hook

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Here's how to prevent your plastic baits from sliding down the hook!

Hey folks, Glenn May with, and I'm sittin here rigging up some baits and I thought of a tip that I think would help you out quite a bit. You know when you're rigging, Texas rigging plastic baits, inevitably that plastic is going to slide down that hook. If I don't hook it again.  It's going to slide down that hook, just like that. Okay. That's normally what happens while you're fishing on most hooks. Well I got a little tip here that's going to stop that from happening.

What you wanna do is go to your local tackle store. Go to the bargain bin and find yourself some thirty and forty pound monofilament line. Get the really wiry, crappy, cheap line. The worst you can get. That's what you want. You're not gonna fish with it, so don't worry about it.

Reason being, what you gonna do is you gonna stick this through the eye of the hook. And you want two different sizes because the smaller hooks, you not gonna get that forty pound through the smaller hook but the larger hooks, you wanna use the forty pound line, because you want a real snug fit.

Anyway what you do is you just find that eye once you get buried in the plastic here. Find that eye and you’re gonna thread the monofilament here right through it, right through the plastic. You just go right through, all the way through to the other side. Just like so. And you don't want to stick out on the other side, just flush with it cause you don't wanna pick up any junk. And same thing when you cut it off, you wanna cut it flush to the bait. That way you're not gonna pick up any weeds or anything like that, and guess what? That bait stays on and doesn't go anywhere.

Alright? Good stuff. That's what you wanna do. And plus it saves on your baits cause they’re not getting it all tore up.

Hope that helps. For more tips and tricks, visit