Power-Pole Blade Edition

ICAST 2011
Introducing the Power-Pole Signature Series Blade Edition. New For 2012!

Dan Benson here from ICAST 2011, showing off the new Power-Pole Signature Series Blade Edition. As you can see, it's the sleekest, most aerodynamic Power-Pole out to date.

Staying true to the Signature Series, we kept the ported arms for the ultimate lightweight reduction, and a new contoured spike pocket, which allows the spike to snap up inside itself for a much cleaner look.

The Blade Edition comes with our new Sea Monster control system, which gets you a wireless remote in the box and the wireless dash switch, so you can alternate between your left pole, right pole, and dual Power-Pole controls.

You also can change the speed of your Power-Pole, fast, medium, and slow. Simply hook up through your smartphone in Bluetooth to the pump, and alter those settings to the way you like to fish, or the conditions that day.

Power-Pole Blade Edition, the newest, lightest, fastest, strongest, and now deepest ten foot model Power-Pole on the market.