Power-Pole Sportsman II

ICAST 2011
Introducing the Power-Pole Sportsman II edition. New for 2012!

Dan Benson here from ICAST 2011, showing off the new Sportsman II Power Pole Shallow Water Anchor. The Sportsman II, we took everything the anglers wanted. Eight foot, which is our most popular selling depth, and black our most popular selling color.

We finished it in an anodized matte black finish for real stealthy look. It comes with our new Sea Monster control system, which features a wireless remote control, included in the box, and our new wireless dash switch.

Which gives you the ability to alternate between your left pole, right pool, duel power pole control, for total boat control. You can also change your speeds from fast, medium, and slow. All value priced at $1,195. Visit Powerpole.com or check out your dealer starting January 2012 from the Sportsman II.